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10 Must-Have Kitchen Accessories for Pasta Lovers – LifeSavvy

Three images displaying products from the article below including a Marcato pasta roller, a KitchenAid Pasta Roller and cutter attachment, and a bowl and server by Mud Pie.
Marcato/KitchenAid/Mud Pie

For anyone who can’t get enough pasta on their plate, we have something special for you. From cookbooks and pasta rollers to handcrafted assortments, any pasta fanatic is sure to appreciate these accessories.

Fettuccine, linguini, tortellini, and other varieties of pasta all hold a special place in a gourmand’s heart. And once that noodle-y goodness is smothered in a rich, savory sauce, there’s no turning back!

Whether you want to learn more about the art of pasta-making, or you have a friend who loves everything Italian and al dente, this list of tools and gadgets has everything any pasta lover could possibly want.

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A Manual Pasta Roller


A manual pasta machine by Marcato with eggs, water and fresh pasta on a wooden counter top.


Most of us cook pasta due to the uber convenience it offers. For optimal flavor, though, we recommend making pasta from scratch. It’s not as labor-intensive as you might think, and your taste buds will thank you for the fantastic flavor and texture.

Marcato’s pasta machine rolls and cuts pasta dough for an authentic, homemade experience. This machine features three settings so you can easily make lasagna, fettuccine, and tagliolini.

It’s also designed to accommodate a motor attachment whenever you’re ready to move on from manual cranking. Additional cutting accessories are also available if you’re interested in trying some out.

The KitchenAid Pasta Roller Attachment


A kitchenAid mixer with a pasta roller attachment, with spaghetti strands going through and being cut for dinner.


If hand-cranking doesn’t sound like much fun, and you already own a KitchenAid mixer, then you’ll adore everything about this attachment, which is specially designed to roll and cut pasta. The commercial-style cutters are perfect for spaghetti or fettuccini.

You’ll also appreciate the ease of rolling dough for lasagna and other handmade variations, like tortellini or farfalle. There’s no better way to impress guests or a loved one than by handcrafting your own pasta dough for a memorable meal.

A Pasta Drying Rack


A drying rack by Norpro with various flavored strands of fettucinne drying on the rack.


After fresh pasta has been cut into the desired shape, it’s essential to dry it before cooking it. This allows the dough to firm up before hitting the hot water, so it won’t clump.

There are many different methods for drying pasta, but when it comes to long-strand variations, like spaghetti or angel hair, a drying rack comes in handy. This traditional wooden stand features four dowels, which creates eight arms for drying.

The setup is pretty straightforward, clean-up is quick, and storing it is simple, too!

A Handcrafted Pasta Assortment


An assortment of pasta by pasta deliziosa including flavors like spinach linguine, and roasted garlic and basil fettuccine.

Pasta Deliziosa

Pasta-making isn’t for everyone. If your sole intention for your pasta dish is eating it, then you’ll love this handcrafted assortment from Pasta Deliziosa. It specializes in handcrafting the dough, and then cutting and air-drying its pasta before packaging it up and sending it out to you.

You’ll love the authentic Italian flavors in each bite. This assortment includes all of the following:

  • Spinach Linguine
  • Vegetable Fettucine
  • Roasted Garlic & Basil Fettuccine
  • Garlic Parsley Fettuccine
  • Lemon Pepper Linguine
  • Spinach Fettuccine

The pasta is so delicious, you won’t even need much sauce!

Pasta Grannies by Vicky Bennison


Two images including the cover of the book Pasta Grannies, and an image of an Italian Grandmother making fresh pasta dough.

Hardie Grant

Learn how to make pasta just like the Italian nonna’s do with the Pasta Grannies cookbook. The delicious, authentic Italian recipes in this collection will provide you with all those secret ingredients only Italian grandmothers know. (Of course, the main ingredient is love!)

Pasta Sauces Cookbook by Owen Conti


An image of a cookbook titled Pasta Sauces Cookbook by Owen Conti

Tonazzi Company Ltd.

Once you’ve perfected the art of making perfect pasta dough, and rolling and cutting it, there’s one more skill you’ll need to learn: the art and craft of sauce-making. Say goodbye to that jarred stuff because the flavor of scratch varieties is ever-superior.

The Pasta Sauces Cookbook will provide you with the best ingredients to use as well as the most famous Italian sauces. You’ll find both quick and easy recipes, along with some more complicated sauces to try as you level up.

A Pasta Bowl and Server


A pasta bowl and server with pasta in the bowl, made by Mud Pie company.

Mud Pie

Every pasta enthusiast needs a dedicated bowl and server to take out when guests are at the table. This one-of-a-kind ceramic bowl is accented with various pasta types printed inside, and also features a fun server that says “Endless Pastabilities.”

It makes a fantastic gift for any pasta lover or a great addition to your own collection of fun dishes.

A Gnocchi Board


Someone rolling little gnocchi dumblings by hand using the Country Trading Co. gnocchi board.

Country Trading Co.

Gnocchi (pronounced, nyow-kee) has made quite a name for itself in recent years. While you can get the little Italian dumplings in many flavors and made with various ingredients, nothing beats a homemade batch.

Honing your pasta-making craft means more than just running strands of spaghetti through a machine. Using your thumb and this handy gnocchi board, you’ll learn to roll each little dumpling with ease. The grooves and inner shell are perfect for capturing lots of yummy sauce.

A Ravioli Mold and Cutter


A grandmother and grandaughter making homemade ravioli with the Marcato mold and cutter.


Learn to make little pillows filled with fresh ricotta with nothing more than this Marcato Ravioli mold.

To use it, you just place perfect pasta sheets over the mold, form wells, fill each square with cheese, and then seal it up with more pasta dough. You’ll then have before you a bundle of uniform ravioli squares decorated with gorgeous fluted edges.

Spider Strainers Spoons


Two images displaying the Hiware spider strainer spoons, in various sizes and how well they work for rinsing under the sink.


Whether you’re blanching and freezing vegetables or picking delicate homemade ravioli squares out of hot water, the spider strainer is a perfect kitchen accessory. This set is particularly handy to have around any time you need to remove food from a hot liquid or rinse smaller ingredients in the sink.

If you’re a fool for pasta, there are, no doubt, some items on this list you need to add to your kitchen collection ASAP. Of course, once you’ve mastered using that pasta cutter and gnocchi board, you’ll need some more recipes to make for your family and friends.

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