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10 of the Best Exercises You Can Do Without Leaving Bed

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10 of the Best Exercises You Can Do Without Leaving Bed


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There are a lot of reasons to stay in bed these days. The temperature is getting lower, and COVID cases are once again rising. If you want to stay under the covers, but still want to fit in some kind of movement, we’ve rounded up some exercises you can without getting out of bed.

If you’re in good health, these bed exercises can be a part of your “better than nothing workout.” Otherwise, the main benefits to these exercises and stretches are if you need to stay in bed for some reason, such as if you’re recovering from an illness. In that case, you can also turn to physiotherapy movements, like those in this worksheet form the National Health Service (NHS).

Some caveats, pointed out by Lifehacker Senior Health Editor Beth Skwarecki: The exercises simply may not go well. For instance, unless your mattress is extraordinarily firm, a glute bridge could lead to a lot of discomfort around your neck. Something like leg raises, on the other hand, should theoretically feel pretty close to how they do on a yoga mat. If any of the exercises cause you pain or discomfort, you should stop doing them immediately.

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