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15 Latest Homemade Christmas Crafts To Make in 5 Minutes

For upcoming Christmas, celebration peoples love to decorate their home with unique creative Christmas crafts. Giving gifts on Christmas and decoration of our house on this day will be a great memory for all of us. Christmas is a festival of fun and frolic. You can do many craft activities to make your home bright and beautiful for the season.

15 Easy Christmas Craft Ideas for Kids and Adults:

Let’s find here with mentioned 15 best Christmas craft ideas for kids and adults.

1. Reindeer Lollipop:

Here is a very cute way to give sweets to kids at Christmas. Cut out green reindeer shaped cutouts and make a hole for the nose. Stick the lollipop on the cutout and stick it with tape. These become the wonderful Christmas craft activities. Let your kids help you to make these crafts in bulk.

2. Candy Stick Trees:

Make lovely candy sticks trees that are painted red or green. Then tape them to form a triangle shape. You can decorate it with little pompoms also. This makes a great Christmas craft idea that can be hung on the wall. This one will be a good choice to decorate the wall on Christmas day.

3. Beads Fun:

This Christmas craft for kids is so easy that they will love it a lot. It needs red and green beads that are put in green bottle brushes. This craft is good for kids as they can shape the brushes into candy canes and decorate the house with it. Handmade stuff like this will be a good choice always.

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4. Lid Hanger:

Here is a nice way to use jar lids. Add in little baubles and then join the lids to form a tree shape. This can then be used as a wreath. This Christmas craft idea for kids is very colourful and looks great on the door of your house. When guests come to your house at that time it gives positive feeling while entering your home.

5. Santa Brush:

This is such a fun and colourful activity that kids will enjoy doing this. Use a large paintbrush and then colour the handle in red with white dots. Add in little black dots for eyes and a red pompom for the nose. These are the very easy Christmas crafts to make. No more hard stuff needed while making this craft; this one will be a simple way to make this craft.

6. Toilet Role Reindeer:

Make Santa’s reindeer using these easy Christmas crafts for kids. The reindeer is made using toilet rolls that are painted brown. You can add in antlers and eyes along with a red pompom. This reindeer collection will look good along with a nice Santa in a sleigh. You can personalize these crafts with your creativity too, try this craft to décor your Christmas tree.

7. Wine Glass Candle Holder:

Let kids colour the wine glasses in Christmas themes. You can then turn them upside down and put candles on the base. This lovely decoration item will look stunning in a home. Choose this Christmas craft activity for your next holiday season. This looks funny but gives more attention while decorating.

8. Acorn Decoration:

These preschool Christmas crafts are very easy to do in school or at home. You need acorns that need to be painted green. The acorns can then be decorated by the kids using little pompoms of various colours. Keep the acorns on a little stand or on cotton bases. This is nice and selective craft items for your day.

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9. Cork Reindeer:

These Christmas craft ideas for adults are very cool and uses wine corks. Collect several of the wine corks and then join them to form the reindeer. You can add a red bead for the nose and craft eyes too. The corks may need to be cut in half for the legs.This one craft is a useful way to make a craft from your useful junkyard collections.

10. Candy Stick Ornaments:

These lovely Christmas crafts for kids to make at home are perfect tree ornaments. They can use candy sticks and decorate them with paint or paper to make Santa, Snowman, Reindeer, etc. All the ornaments can be hung on a tree. Collect these sticks and make a good craft like above mentioned, you will get good comments sure.

11. Paper Wreaths:

Here are Christmas decorations crafts that can be easily done by kids. They need to take the green paper and then cut them into slits but not all the way through. The length is then joined to form a circle or a wreath. It can then be decorated in different ways.

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12. Wine Bottle Decorations:

Some of the easy Christmas crafts for adults are wine bottle decorations. These can be painted on the outside and then wrapped with wire or twine. You can group three to form the word ‘JOY’ by placing each alphabet on each wine bottle.

13. Hand Print Wreath:

Keep kids busy during the holiday season by giving them these cool crafts to do. This holiday wreath is simple to make. The kids need to make handprints and then place them in a circle. Cut it out and add a bow to the bottom layer. These are the nice Christmas arts and crafts ideas.

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14. Egg Snowmen:

Here is a nice Christmas food craft that you can do at home. The eggs are placed on each other to form snowmen. Add carrots for the cap and paint little eyes.

15. Xmas Tree Card:

This Christmas tree craft is a nice way to convey your wishes for the holiday season. The kids can decorate a paper plate and then place it on card stock. This will be an in stant hit among kids and adults.

Christmas crafts are a nice way to decorate your home for the festival. The crafts can be for trees, snowmen, Santa, reindeer, etc.

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