35 Of The Best Music Tattoos For Men

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35 Of The Best Music Tattoos For Men

Music has the power to make you feel a wide array of emotions, from joyful to sad to nostalgic. Though we all have different tastes, music is one thing that most on this planet have some sort of love for. Music is such a dynamic and dominant force globally; what better way to showcase your appreciation than with a music tattoo?

Music tattoos are not only for musicians; any music appreciator can get an excellent music tattoo. If you’ve been thinking of adding some new ink, check out these 35 music tattoos for men who feel the beat.

1. Music Note Tattoo

Music note tattoos are the perfect way for a musician or composer to pay tribute to his craft. Ranging from simple black notes to more intricate pieces featuring an entire composition, men have many different options in designing this specific music tattoo. 

Music Note Tattoo

@tattoosbybradleybrown / Instagram

2. Music Symbol Tattoo

If you look for something bigger and more detailed, music symbols tattoos can be combined with other music-related images or notes, or they can be left as-is for a more minimalist look.

Small Music Tattoo

@weskuswolf / Instagram

3. Small Music Tattoo

From a simple note to the title of your favorite song, small music tattoos are not difficult to accomplish. Small music tattoos allow you to get inked in more creative places, such as on your finger or even behind your ear.

Music Symbol Tatttoo

@nadav_k2 / Instagram

4. Sheet Music Tattoo

Sheet music tattoos are versatile. They can either be the centerpiece of a tattoo or act as a background to a more detailed image. Remember that a sheet music tattoo might need to be a bit larger due to the shape and intricacy necessary for the tattoo.

Sheet Music Tattoo

@inkjulio / Instagram

5. Unique Music Tattoo

From song lyrics, your favorite band to strange tattoos, you can design various kinds of unique music tattoos to suit your personal preferences and needs perfectly. If you are particularly attached to a specific band or artist, another unique music tattoo idea is to get the band’s logo or picture tattooed. 

Unique Music Tattoo

@isasantanatattoo / Instagram

6. Music is Life Tattoo

If music truly is your life, what better way to show it than with a “music is life” tattoo? If you’d like to get creative with it, pick a special font that pays tribute to your favorite band or artist.

Music is Life Tattoo

@violetta_tattooartist / Instagram

7. Heart Music Note Tattoo

Looking for an easy way to take a regular music note tattoo to the next level? Intertwine a heart for a more detailed piece. Also, if you want a music tattoo that is a bit more animated, integrating a heart into your music note tattoo is a creative option that is both subtle and sweet.

Music Heart tattoo

@sugabear_tattoos / Instagram

8. Music Staff Tattoo

Similar to a sheet music tattoo, music staff tattoos give you the option to add your favorite song chorus or bridge to your body. Depending on how big you would like your tattoo to be, music staff tattoos are unique and dynamic, allowing you to do something personal. 

Music Staff Tattoo

@moeli_tat / Instagram

9. Music Heart Tattoo

If you have a deep-rooted love for music, hearts are a great addition to any music-centered ink. Whether you want to integrate an anatomical heart into the design or a heart shape, the options for you to discuss with your artist. 

Music Heart Tattoo

@somosuno_tecua / Instagram

10. Music Quotes Tattoo

From your favorite song lyric to an inspirational quote by your favorite musician, music quote tattoos allow you to imprint your body with words of inspiration permanently. 

Music Quotes Tattoo

@nikoladosentattoo / Instagram

11. Music Box Tattoo

Though it is unconventional, music box tattoos embrace a more artistic and nostalgic approach to showcasing your love and passion for music. If this is the route you choose to go, we would recommend going for something a bit more realistic and shaded rather than animated to cultivate a more elegant and detailed image.

Music Box Tattoo

@_dudink_ / Instagram

12. Music Heartbeat Tattoo

Music heartbeat tattoos tend to consist of a music symbol followed by a specific heartbeat rhythm. In some music heartbeat tattoos, the music symbol falls in the middle of the heartbeat to say that music lies at the center of one’s existence or life. 

Music Heartbeat Tattoo

@patrizia.aurelia / Instagram

13. Music Sign Tattoo

Music sign tattoos can consist of anything from notes to symbols to sheets. Anything that is a sign or symbol in music is up for grabs with this one.

Music Sign Tattoo

@inkfinery / Instagram

14. Music City Tattoo

From a city skyline with a guitar included in the outline to a tattoo of music-centered city skylines such as Nashville, New York, or Los Angeles, music city tattoos are a unique way to pay tribute to the beauty of sound the cities that inspire them. 

City of Music Tattoo

@mfcolby42 / Instagram

15. Rose and Music Note tattoo

 A music note and rose tattoo should satisfy if you are looking for something more detailed than a basic note. This tattoo idea is versatile; make sure to discuss any other options with your tattoo artist. 

Music And Rose Tattoo

@markstoreytattoos / Instagram

16. Traditional Music Tattoo

Traditional music tattoos can include anything from a record player to an old-school microphone. If you want to add a bit of funk and flair, try adding a splash of color for a more eye-catching element. You can also incorporate American traditional style into your image of choice, opting for thick, defined lines and bold colors. 

Traditional Music Tattoo

@isasantanatattoo / Instagram

17. Sound of Music Tattoo

From “do-re-mi” to the Swiss mountains as a backdrop to your favorite character or scene, a Sound of Music tattoo pays tribute to the iconic movie that sparked a passion in nearly every generation that has watched it. 

Sound of Music Tattoo

@nicolausrummel / Instagram

18. Scattered Music Notes Tattoo

If you want to create a more abstract and artistic scene, scattering music notes across pretty much any part of the body will get the job done. Try starting on one corner of your selected area with smaller music notes and have the notes grow larger as the tattoo covers more ground. 

Scattered Music Notes Tattoo

@suspenceink / Instagram

19. Vintage Microphone Tattoo

Vintage microphone tattoos give major Johnny Cash vibes and are perfect for the vintage-styled man. In fact, if you’re going to get a vintage microphone tattoo, you’ll want to make sure that your style is up to par in order to pull off such a sleek piece of ink. 

Vintage Mircrophone Tattoo

@fossland_tattoo / Instagram

20. Headphones Tattoo

Looking for something more modern? Headphone tattoos truly have the millennial touch when it comes to music tattoo ideas. Create an old vs. new tattoo with a vintage microphone and headphones, or design a DJ tattoo to suit your style.  

Headphone Music Tattoo

@justicetattooart / Instagram

21. Piano Tattoo

Though it requires a decent amount of detailing, a full piano tattoo is a very classy piece of ink, especially for someone who knows their way around the instrument. 

Piano Tattoo

@eron.freitas / Instagram

22. Guitar Tattoo

If you want a music tattoo that requires more detail and artistic talent, guitar tattoos require precision, resulting in the most stunning or artwork. Guitar tattoos can be done either realistically or more playful, depending on your style and choice. They also give you a nice opportunity to add a pop of color if you’d like to step away from the typical black and white tattoo.

Guitar Tattoo, Music Tattoo

@amanda_piejak / Instagram

23. Trumpet Tattoo

From paying tribute to your high school band days to embracing your appreciation for jazz, trumpet tattoos are not common to come by. 

Trumpet Tattoo

@tattoosbyrachelgrace / Instagram

24. Band Logos Tattoo

No matter who your favorite band is, there is nothing more fun than getting a logo tattooed on your body if you are a die-hard fan. Getting a Band tattoo is a great way to show your unwavering love of your favorite band. 

Band Symbol Tattoo

@krystine_rice / Instagram

25. Piano Keys Tattoo

Classic black and white piano keys pay tribute to the universal love for music more traditionally and gracefully. From doing a small set of keys along the finger to doing a larger piece across the arm or chest, piano key tattoos fit nicely in various locations. 

Piano Keys Tattoo

@aygultattoo / Instagram

26. Cassette Tape Tattoo

Lovers of all things vintage will truly appreciate the unique charm of a cassette tape tattoo. Create an everlasting mix-tape of your choice or choose one of your favourite artist, this tattoo idea is increadly easy to personalize.  

Cassette Tape Tattoo

@pascal_koller_tattoo / Instagram

27. Playlist Tattoo

Consisting of a fast forward button, a pause button, a play button, and a rewind button, playlist tattoos are minimalistic yet playful, ideal for secret meanings or as an homage to your love of music. 

Playlist Tattoos

@skattytattys / Instagram

Best Placement Options for Music Tattoos 

28. Music Tattoo Sleeve

Music tattoo sleeves are perfect for those who have a lot of artwork that they would like to showcase. Whether you want to create one large scene or prefer to have a bunch of separate tattoos in one similar area, music tattoo sleeves are not for the faint of heart. 

Music Tattoo Sleeve

@mighty1one / Instagram

29. Music Note Tattoo Behind Ear

Looking to add a truly tiny tattoo that embodies your music appreciation? Add a small music note tattoo behind the ear. Though it is subtle, it will certainly catch the right eye.

Music Note Behind Ear Tattoo

@ankit_sharma.0 / Instagram

30. Music Forearm Tattoo

The forearm is a fun place for a music tattoo due to its slight yet long stretch of skin. Music forearm tattoos can range from sheet music pieces to song lyrics, though the forearm is not the best place to have any sort of bulky or thick tattoo.

Music Forearm Tattoo

@debrartist / Instagram

31. Music Tattoo Arm

From a sheet music piece to a wrap-around music staff tattoo, music tattoos on the arm are versatile and masculine. If you’d like a more simple music note or symbol tattoo on the larger side, the arm is a great option due to its shape and size.

Music Tattoo Arm

@lafuitetattoo / Instagram

32. Wrist Music Tattoo

Wrist music tattoos are both fun and subtle for smaller tattoos, though you can’t do anything too detailed given the smaller size. If you want a small song title or music note tattoo, the wrist is a great spot. 

Wrist Music Tattoo

@vedran.tattoos / Instagram

33. Music Note Neck Tattoo

Whether you want it behind your ear or more front and center, music note neck tattoos are edgy and daring. Since smaller tattoos look best on the neck, music notes are perfect for this simple yet fun addition. You could also play with a design that features multiple music notes on the neck if you are into a more filled design. 

Music Note Neck Tattoo

@ryan.cincinnato / Instagram

34. Music Half Sleeve Tattoo

Music half sleeve tattoos are a wonderful way to combine an abundance of music-related tattoos into one cohesive scene. A half sleeve gives you the room and freedom to get creative and truly express your love for music without bound but still keep space to add more later or place the tattoos where they can be hidden. 

Music Half Sleeve Tattoo

@vettorellotatuagem / Instagram

35. Music Hand Tattoo

Previously, musicians had cornered the market on hand tattoos. In the last decade with tattoos becoming more accepted in mainstream society hand tattoos of all kinds are flourishing. Music hand tattoos fit the bill by being trendy yet edgy enough for the more off-the-beaten-path kind of guy.

Music Hand Tattoo

@danielsosotattoos / Instagram

Music Tattoo FAQ:

What does a music note tattoo mean?

A music note tattoo can mean anything the wearer wants it to, however, most commonly it means that person has a deeper connection to music. Music note tattoos can also mean that the person is a composer, musician, lover of music or involved in the actual production of music.

What does a music sign tattoo mean?

Similar to a music note tattoo, music sign tattoos exemplify one’s devotion to music and potentially even the creation of music. Since notes and signs are more technical than other music tattoo ideas, they are an excellent option for those who know about making music and the industry. 

What kind of music tattoo should a man get?

Get a music tattoo that you feel connected to. It could be your favorite band or instrument or something small to represent your dedication to the craft. The best part is there are no wrong answers.

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