500 Best Cool Rib Tattoos Design for Men Who Can Tolerate Pain

Everyone has a different tolerance for pain, but most people will agree that the ribs are a placement that causes a lot of discomfort! This is due to the thin skin in the area and proximity to bone. For this reason, this spot should be reserved for designs that are truly meaningful and super cool. The location is not for the fainthearted, but getting inked here usually has a very masculine and powerful appearance. There are plenty of options to choose from too, whether you want something large and detailed or small and simple. You can honor your faith with a cross or bible verse or embrace your inner strength with a lion or dragon tattoo. It is also a fantastic location for quotes and roman numerals, giving you a chance to celebrate the words, or dates, that move you. To help inspire your next design, keep reading

If you are tempted to get tattooed on your rib, you may be asking yourself how painful the process is? For most people, this placement is among the most painful, and discomfort can be severe for some individuals. The reason is the thin skin and proximity to the bone and the fact that it can enhance this pain when you breathe.

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