500+ Best Palms tattoos Design and Idea

A tattoo on the palm of your hand is going to hurt because the palm is one of the most sensitive parts of the body. So, a tattoo needle is gonna make it sting, the palm is roughly four times more sensitive than the shoulder or calf. So yeah they hurt but we all know this, so what else should you know about palm tattoos?

Best Palms tattoos Design

The Artist’s Opinion

For the most part tattoo artists will likely refuse to tattoo the palm of your hand and may take some convincing to do otherwise. Palm tattoos have one big effect, they can’t be covered! Most tattoos have the advantage of being covered by clothing so employment is usually no trouble, but as with all hand tattoos gloves are the only covering option so unless your willing to wear gloves as a standard your artist may not want to jeopardize your chances of employment.

Palm tattoos by German tattoo artist Mark Halbstark


As noted palm tattoos are highly likely to fade, though there are steps to keep your tattoo nice and bold. Like any part of the body the palm is susceptible to sun damage so job one is always ensuring your tattoo avoid over long sun exposure. Another step to maintain your tattoo is to go bold! The bolder the tattoo the longer the ink should hold, it also helps if the ink is deeper in the skin, of course this means the tattoo will hurt a lot! But hey, no pain no gain!

Mandala flower by Philip Yarnell

Health Risks

Any tattoo carries risks, there is always the chance of infection, scarring and allergic reaction that is a fact, for the most part however these risks are fairly minimal but because of the sensitivity of the palm there is a slight increase in the chance of such negative consequences occurring.

Keep it clean and beware of infection!!
Palm tattoos are not for the faint hearted!
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