500 Best Statement Collarbone Tattoos Design & Idea for Men

Collarbone tattoos are going to get noticed, and that’s the whole point of getting a piece like this. If you are confident and want to get inked in a place you and others can see, then it is the perfect spot. It can also be a discreet option, allowing you to cover up your artwork. The wide variety of designs that can be tattooed in this area ensures there is an option for everyone, whether you’re after an elaborate bird or flower design, or prefer something smaller and minimalist. There are many pros associated with this placement, but one thing you should be aware of is that it will hurt; due to the proximity to the bone. Still, it is a popular choice for men who wish to make a statement. Keep reading to find all the inspiration you need for your next great collarbone tattoo!

Tattoo placement on the collarbone doesn’t hold any particular meaning, beyond that of the design itself. Keep in mind that it is a more visible location, which can be harder to hide. However, there are so many designs and positions that you can do; you’ll end up with a truly unique and special tattoo.

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