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500 Brilliant Batman Tattoo Designs

Whether it is funnies, TV series, or film, Batman is verifiably one of the coolest superheroes. Many fans couldn’t want anything more than to pronounce their affection for this hero by getting a Batman tattoo. You can rapidly recognize when you see that bat-wing logo and its significance except if you have been hiding away somewhere, in a cave perhaps. Deeply, the charm of Batman is significant.

In this article, we have given you a novel arrangement of Batman tattoos. Go through them completely prior to picking a tattoo that suits your character and style. Peruse on!

Batman Tattoo Designs:

Cartoon Batman Tattoo:

Cartoon Batman TattooSave

Suppose you are a fan of cartoony tattoos, unlike the somber batman tattoos available all around. In that case, this one with Catwoman can be an excellent option. The entire tattoo is done in black and grey shades of ink with cute little hearts on top, indicating love between them. This tattoo looks beautiful on the biceps, calf, back, or chest, depending on the size.

Black Outline Batman Tattoo With Bats:

Black Outline Batman Tattoo With BatsSave

This is a perfect batman tattoo for men, but who are we say women cannot experiment with such tattoos. This tattoo design is a simple and striking way to depict the batman logo beautifully. You can observe a distinct contrast against the bare skin with the solid black coloring, which might be a beautiful way to represent the hero in all of us.

Batman Portrait Tattoo:

Batman Portrait TattooSave

If you are looking for a realistic tattoo that gives chills to the onlooker and the wearer, this tattoo can be an ideal choice. The use of black and grey color combination not only blends in beautifully, but the shades bring out the real-looking Batman in the form of a tattoo. In addition, the tattoo design makes it impossible for you to look away from the haunting gaze of the Batman because of the shadows and sharp curves.

Detailed Batman Arkham Tattoo:

Detailed Batman Arkham TattooSave

This batman tattoo is a perfect way to represent one’s will to stand against common life challenges bravely and is suitable for people’s brave nature. This tattoo can also signify hard work and total allegiance to their work, whatever a person is doing. This tattoo looks exceptional on the calf, chest, arm, shoulder. The striking black lines stand in contrast with the skin tone beautifully.

Batman Tattoo With Joker’s Mouth:

Batman Tattoo With Joker's MouthSave

Joker and Batman are an inseparable part of each other. This design is a perfect representation of both of them beautifully. Although this design might look simple, it packs a punch representing the iconic duo in a twisting modern art. True batman fans can spot the symbolism easily and don’t need to point it out. In addition, the tattoo looks exceptional in black ink, which stands in contrast to the skin color.

Flying Batman Tattoo:

Flying Batman TattooSave

It might look like a superman, but this Batman tattoo shows the always ready-to-help attitude of Batman colorfully and beautifully. Although significant parts of this tattoo are done in black, there are grey shades in the design that bring out the realistic look we all yearn for. In addition, the use of sharp colors stands in contrast with the skin surrounding the tattoo.

 Batman Watercolor Tattoo:

Batman Watercolor TattooSave

It is not always possible to see whether the Adam West era or George Clooney’s face was tattooed. But, we don’t mind any of them as long as it is our beloved Batman. Different colors can give this simple tattoo an out-of-the-world look creating a trending batman tattoo. The eyes of this batman tattoo seem like it is following every angle and, therefore, a superhero that never sleeps genuinely.

Black And White Batman Tattoo On The Arm:

Black And White Batman Tattoo On The ArmSave

This black and white batman tattoo on the wearer’s forearm can be an excellent pick for comic fans who want to have an elaborate tattoo of the same. The outline of the tattoo and the highlights of the design come from the black filling in the wing-like cape. And the mask also has a combination of white and black that makes the tattoo stand out across the skin color.

Batman Haha Tattoo With Red And Black Colors:

Batman Haha Tattoo With Red And Black ColorsSave

This Batman tattoo is a perfect tattoo representation of the everlasting struggle between Batman and Joker in a tattoo form. The contrast is beautifully represented with black and red, which stand in contrast. While one side of the tattoo is entirely black, the other side of the tattoo has the words ha haha written all over, representing the Joker’s laugh. This design is what you call a creepy, dark design that defies its contour.

Batman With A Sense Of Pride Tattoo:

Batman With A Sense Of Pride TattooSave

This batman tattoo portrays the iconic logo onto the chest of the Batman tattoo on the wearer. Though it might look simple, this tattoo is done in grey and black colors that beautifully blend in and contrast. Additionally, the tattoo is beautifully done in black ink outline compared to the unmarked skin around. This beautiful tattoo represents the hero we all have inside us, even if we aren’t aware of it.

Greyish Batman Tattoo:

Batman is unfailingly committed to bringing down the sinister people or the Joker that encircle the city. However, he doesn’t have any extraordinary powers. This tattoo might be a beautiful representation of the wearer’s strength and determination, displaying the same to the onlooker. The use of black outlines and grey shading inside the tattoo design make the simple tattoo realistic.

 Realistic Batman Tattoo:

It is very reasonable that Batman’s tattoo designs are rather somber-looking because Batman has never been a happy-go-lucky guy. However, the beautiful mask of Batman integrates itself into bats flying off, creating a unique look for a tattoo. Furthermore, if you observe closely, the uniform worn by the Batman has shades of black and blue that blend in beautifully, making it look like a single color.

Batman Tribal Tattoo:

If you are looking for a simple batman emblem tattoo, this one can be an excellent option. The tattoo design might be pretty simple because it only has an outline leaving the insides empty. These designs are usually chosen by people who love straightforward designs, unlike many other batman tattoos larger than life. This design stands in contrast across the bare skin beautifully.

Batman Head Tattoo:

Batman Head TattooSave

This sophisticated yet straightforward batman tattoo stands out without looking tacky. The uniqueness of this tattoo is that it is engraved in black outlines with slight shading, which gives the tattoo a realistic look. Additionally, although it is not necessary, the wearer has added the phrase I’m Batman in capital letters that add to the style of the tattoo.

Batman Tattoo On The Shoulder With Colors:

Batman Tattoo On The Shoulder With ColorsSave

If you want to add a colorful touch to your somber and sophisticated batman tattoo, this one can look exceptional. The masked Batman is engraved in black color with shades of blue on the upper area. At the same time, there is a red blob in the heart area that is highlighted beautifully. This design can be charming and accommodated in multiple areas such as the back, leg, arm, or even chest.

515+ Cool Polynesian Tattoos Designs with Meanings

Polynesian tattoos begin from the rich Polynesian culture. Polynesia is a gathering of islands that stretch many miles in Oceania. There are many islands on this three-sided stretch that share comparable dialects, celebrations, and social components. The greatest among them everything is the nation of New Zealand.

Polynesian Tattoo Designs

Polynesian Tattoos 1
Polynesian Tattoos 1
Polynesian Tattoos 2
Polynesian Tattoos 2
Polynesian Tattoos 3
Polynesian Tattoos 3
Polynesian Tattoos 4
Polynesian Tattoos 4

Full Sleeve Polynesian Tattoo Designs

Polynesian Tattoos 5
Polynesian Tattoos 5
Polynesian Tattoos 6
Polynesian Tattoos 6
Polynesian Tattoos 7
Polynesian Tattoos 7
Polynesian Tattoos 8
Polynesian Tattoos 8
Polynesian Tattoos 9
Polynesian Tattoos 10

Polynesian Armband Tattoos

Polynesian Tattoos 11
Polynesian Tattoos 12
Polynesian Tattoos 13
Polynesian Tattoos 14
Polynesian Tattoos 15
Polynesian Tattoos 16
Polynesian Tattoos 17
Polynesian Tattoos 18
Polynesian Tattoos 19

Tribal Polynesian Tattoos

Polynesian Tattoos 20
Polynesian Tattoos 21
Polynesian Tattoos 22
Polynesian Tattoos 23
Polynesian Tattoos 24

Polynesian Symbol tattoo Designs

Polynesian Tattoos 25
Polynesian Tattoos 26
Polynesian Tattoos 27
Polynesian Tattoos 28
Polynesian Tattoos 29
Polynesian Tattoos 30
Polynesian Tattoos 31
Polynesian Tattoos 32

Flower Tattoo Designs in Polynesian Style

Polynesian Tattoos 33
Polynesian Tattoos 34
Polynesian Tattoos 35
Polynesian Tattoos 36
Polynesian Tattoos 37
Polynesian Tattoos 38

Polynesian Tattoo ideas For Men

Polynesian Tattoos 39
Polynesian Tattoos 41
Polynesian Tattoos 42
Polynesian Tattoos 43
Polynesian Tattoos 44
Polynesian Tattoos 45
Polynesian Tattoos 46
Polynesian Tattoos 47

Polynesian Tattoos For Women

Polynesian Tattoos 48
Polynesian Tattoos 49
Polynesian Tattoos 50
Polynesian Tattoos 51
Polynesian Tattoos 52
Polynesian Tattoos 53
Polynesian Tattoos 54
Polynesian Tattoos 55
Polynesian Tattoos 56
Polynesian Tattoos 57
Polynesian Tattoos 58

Maori Polynesian Tattoos

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Polynesian Tattoos 59
Polynesian Tattoos 60
Polynesian Tattoos 61
Polynesian Tattoos 62
Polynesian Tattoos 63
Polynesian Tattoos 64
Polynesian Tattoos 65
Polynesian Tattoos 66
Polynesian Tattoos 67
Polynesian Tattoos 68
Polynesian Tattoos 69
Polynesian Tattoos 70
Polynesian Tattoos 71
Polynesian Tattoos 72
Polynesian Tattoos 73
Polynesian Tattoos 74
Polynesian Tattoos 75
Polynesian Tattoos 76
Polynesian Tattoos 77
Polynesian Tattoos 78
Polynesian Tattoos 79
Polynesian Tattoos 80
Polynesian Tattoos 81
Polynesian Tattoos 82
Polynesian Tattoos 83
Polynesian Tattoos 84
Polynesian Tattoos 85
Polynesian Tattoos 86
Polynesian Tattoos 87
Polynesian Tattoos 88
Polynesian Tattoos 89
Polynesian Tattoos 90
Polynesian Tattoos 91
Polynesian Tattoos 92
Polynesian Tattoos 93
Polynesian Tattoos 94
Polynesian Tattoos 95
Polynesian Tattoos 96
Polynesian Tattoos 97
Polynesian Tattoos 98
Polynesian Tattoos 99
Polynesian Tattoos 100
Polynesian Tattoos 101
Polynesian Tattoos 102
Polynesian Tattoos 103
Polynesian Tattoos 104
Polynesian Tattoos 105
Polynesian Tattoos 106
Polynesian Tattoos 107
Polynesian Tattoos 108
Polynesian Tattoos 109
Polynesian Tattoos 110
Polynesian Tattoos 111

Polynesian Tattoos History

If you dig into the history of Polynesian people you will be surprised to know that how well they sailed the seas and discovered hundreds of new islands. It was not easy to survive at the sea for months. It was never easy to navigate across the sea but the Polynesians used the stars to their advantage.

The famous Disney movie Moana pays homage to the Polynesian culture. In the film, Dwayne Johnson plays the role of a mythical demigod Maui. It is shown that the legendary warrior Maui has many tattoos on his body that tell the tale of many battles he has fought. Each tattoo describes different phases of Maui’s life.  This was not just an entertaining add-on.

Polynesian people do give a lot of importance to their tattoos and it is evident from the fact that the village chief or the tribal lord used to have the most tattoos as compared to other men in the tribe. In fact, in ancient times the village chief used to wear crown tattoos to indicate their place hold in the tribe.

There is a reason that Polynesian tattoos are still so popular. First of all, the atheistic and artistic designs from the Polynesian culture are no match to other ancient cultures. Secondly, the Polynesian tattoos branched into Maori, Samoan, Hawaiian and Aztec designs which are also very popular among modern tattoo lovers.

You might have stumbled across many cool tribal tattoo designs on the internet. Let me tell you that around one-third of them are inspired by the Polynesian cultures. If you have made up your mind to get a Polynesian tattoo for yourself then you have come to the right page as here we will not only give you hundreds of unique Polynesian designs but also tell you what kind of tattoo you should go for.

Polynesian Tattoos Meanings

Polynesian tattoos were inspired by their mythology and stories of their heroes. Polynesian people placed animals and plants in high regard as they considered them the lifeline of the planet. They believed a lot in maintaining the ecosystem in balance. This is the reason why even today New Zealand is among the least polluted countries in the world.

Mainly Polynesian tattoo designs were based on –

Gods – Polynesians considered the Sun, Moon, and Sea as the Gods. Even though there were distinct differences in the traditions of east and west Polynesia but one thing was common and that was the love for their god tattoos. Many circular designs indicated the Sun and Moon. You can try a similar approach and give a unique take by adding a galaxy in the background.

Animals – Polynesian tattoos often included wolf, turtle, kiwi, shark, whale, snake, lion, and even hyena. You can pick any animal of your choice and try its Polynesian version.

Stars – Since the constellations played a vital role in exploration, therefore, Polynesian people used to have Star tattoos as well.

Heads – This fact might sound scary to you but many Polynesian tribes used to cut the head of their enemies and used as a sigil on their flags. When Britishers came to new Zealand they found many Polynesian tribes had walls of well-preserved enemy heads.  Not only this but many Polynesians used to have the head-on spike tattoo on their body.

Farming – Polynesians respected nature and did their best to maintain the ecosystem during their reign. They will often try new methods of farming to maintain soil fertility. Many Explorers documented in their books that Polynesians had a strange affection for crop tattoos as well.

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