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8 Best Cheap Temporary Tattoo Stickers on Amazon: Our Top Picks (2022 Version)

We live in a world where looking unique and one-of-a-kind is extremely important. Whether we’re talking about one’s style, fashion, overall appearance, hair color, or even body art, we are expected to always stand out and be ourselves. But, no one seems to speak about the hardships that come with such pressure. It can be extremely hard to always keep finding new ways to stay up to date with the latest fashion, and also develop your own unique appearance that suits new trends.

Well, we’ve found that temporary body art can elevate any style in just a matter of seconds. And no, you don’t have to spend dozens, even hundreds of dollars on some high-end, fancy temporary tattoos. There are some high-quality temporary tattoo stickers hidden in the world of Amazon, waiting for you to discover them. Luckily, we’ve done the job and selected some of our favorite temporary tattoo stickers you can order right away.

So, if this sounds like something you’d like to try out, then you’re at the right place. In the following paragraphs, you’ll read our honest reviews about some of the best, most affordable tattoo stickers on Amazon. Therefore, let’s get right into this!

Our Top Picks for Temporary Tattoo Stickers – Available on Amazon

VANTATY Realistic Temporary Tattoo Stickers

  • Type – variety pack; realistic, medium temporary tattoo stickers
  • Price – $
  • Overall – waterproof, long-lasting, vivid, non-toxic, safe for children and adults

VANTATY is an already established brand of temporary tattoos and body art. For 8 years, the brand has been selling high-quality temporary tattoos, which have gathered some of the best reviews online. People are loving the way these tattoos look on the skin; almost like the real deal.

When it comes to the tattoos themselves, they are non-toxic and completely safe for children and adults. Because of their temporary nature, we can say they’re long-lasting, as they can stay on the skin for 3 to 5 days. They only take around 20 seconds to transfer and develop on the skin, so they’re a perfect last-minute enhancement for a fun-night-out outfit, for example.

Because of their medium size, these tattoos look good on any body area. People generally like to place them on the forearm, wrist, neck, chest, and upper back area. They’re excellent for the more visible tattoo effect, which is probably why you’d get a temporary tattoo anyway. Considering the low price, we’d say these tattoos are an excellent catch, so make sure to check them out.

Sticker Art Temporary Tattoos

  • Type – variety pack; realistic, medium temporary tattoo stickers
  • Price – $$
  • Overall – waterproof, long-lasting, vivid, non-toxic, safe for children and adults

For people looking for more specific tattoo designs, we’ve decided to include these Sticker Art temporary animal design tattoos. In our humble opinion, these look super cool, and the satisfied customers would also agree. These are small to medium-size tattoos, suitable for delicate, visible body areas like the neck, fingers, forearm, upper back, etc.

The tattoos are considered to be long-lasting since they’re temporary after all. Upon application, and with proper care (no exposure to water or rubbing), these tattoos can last up to 5 days. The design is super detailed and artistic; you’ll get 6 different tattoos with amazing animal designs. It will take the tattoos up to 30 seconds to transfer and develop on the skin.

Overall, these tattoos are an excellent choice if you’re looking for a quick accessory that will elevate your look in a second. Compared to some other, budget-friendly temporary tattoo stickers, these are a bit pricier. However, considering that Sticker Art is a small business that does all the work by itself, we’d say the price is fully justified. So, make sure to check these out and support the hard-working artists at Sticker Art.

Sovereign-Gear Store Temporary Tattoo Stickers

  • Type – variety pack; realistic, large temporary tattoo stickers
  • Price – $
  • Overall – waterproof, long-lasting, colored or black & grey design, non-toxic, safe for children and adults

Sovereign-Gear provides some of the best temporary tattoo stickers on Amazon. With a bold, striking design, these tattoos are guaranteed to stand out and even pass the ‘realistic’ test compared to actual tattoos. They’re high-quality tattoos too; the tattoos are long-lasting, waterproof, and done in such a way that the design doesn’t look grainy or fake at all.

In the pack, you’ll receive 8 large sheets of stick-on tattoos. We do have to point out that these tattoos are large in size, compared to the other temporary tattoos we’ve covered in the article. The tattoos generally feature bold, striking, and generally manly designs, but we think they’re also suitable for women.

We also have to point out that these tattoos are non-toxic, and safe to use even on sensitive skin. It will take them only a few seconds to transfer and develop on the skin, and they’ll stay there for up to 5 days. The price of the tattoos is also reasonable, so we definitely think you should check them out.

COKTAK Temporary Watercolor Tattoo Stickers

  • Type – variety pack; realistic, medium temporary tattoo stickers
  • Price – $
  • Overall – waterproof, long-lasting, vivid, artistic, non-toxic, safe for children and adults

We’ve got something for our art-lover reader out there. These amazing COKTAK watercolor temporary tattoos are perfect to show off that artsy side of yours. The tattoos have this super realistic watercolor design, and effect, which makes them realistic and wonderful on the skin.

The tattoos are waterproof and long-lasting. They can stay on the skin for up to 5 days, and you can easily remove any of these tattoos by applying a little bit of baby oil and rubbing. It will take you only a few seconds for the tattoos to transfer and develop, which makes them an excellent choice for a last-minute outfit accessory.

In case you have sensitive skin, you don’t have to worry. The COKTAK tattoos are non-toxic, made out of skin-friendly materials. They can be used by children as well as adults. We recommend you even buy these tattoos as an excellent gift for the upcoming holidays.

Jotapas Realistic Temporary Tattoo Stickers

Our Pick

  • Type – variety pack; realistic, medium temporary tattoo stickers
  • Price – $
  • Overall – waterproof, long-lasting (up to 2 weeks), vivid, artistic, non-toxic, safe for children and adults, plant-based

Jotapas is one of our favorite discoveries when it comes to affordable temporary tattoo stickers available on Amazon. Now, these are completely environmentally friendly stickers as they are made from plant-based materials. Considering the materials, as well as the fact that they’re non-toxic and completely harmless for the skin, we can say they’re safe to use by kids as well as by adults.

So, if you’re someone who is looking for a quick way to elevate your style or outfit, the Jotapas temporary tattoos will certainly do the job. If we had to compare Jotapas to a well-known, high-quality temporary tattoo brand, we’d say it’s pretty similar to Inkbox. The quality of the

tattoos is quite similar, as well as the very tattoo developing technique. We do have to point out that Jotapas tattoos are significantly cheaper than the Inkbox items, so keep that in mind as well.

Jotapas tattoos are smaller, compared to some other fake tattoo brands on Amazon, but they’re very realistic and suitable for delicate placement on fingers, behind the ears, on the neck, etc. They can also last up to two weeks, which is double the time other fake tattoos generally last.

Konsait Temporary Tattoo Stickers

  • Type – Variety pack; medium temporary tattoo stickers
  • Price -$
  • Overall – realistic, non-toxic, diverse, waterproof, ong-lasting (up to 5 days), removable

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly pack of different tattoo sticker designs, then make sure to check out this Konsait temporary tattoo pack. The pack contains 18 sheets of temporary tattoo stickers intended only for adult use. The tattoo stickers are non-toxic, and suitable for use even for people with skin allergies.

The Konsait temporary tattoo will last up to 5 days, depending on your personal lifestyle; for example, if you shower frequently, the tattoo can last up to 3 days. The longevity of the tattoo increases the less it is exposed to water, rubbing, etc.

Nevertheless, if you want to remove the tattoo, you can easily do so by using rubbing alcohol, baby or olive oil, or just some lukewarm water and soap. Overall, the Konsait temporary tattoo stickers are excellent if you want to experience a tattoo without the full commitment, both financial and physical.

Pinone Temporary Tattoo Stickers

  • Type – Variety pack; full arm temporary tattoo stickers
  • Price -$$
  • Overall – realistic, non-toxic, diverse, waterproof, long-lasting (3 to 7 days), removable

Another exceptional set of affordable temporary tattoos comes from Pinone. On Amazon, Pinone is among the top sellers of temporary body art, which is further justified by exceptional product quality as well as by the super positive customer feedback.

Now, with this order, you can expect to receive 12 sheets of full-arm and small temporary tattoos. The tattoos comprise bold, feminine designs which are not only suitable for women, but also men. They are also made from non-toxic, tasteless materials, which ensures they meet safety standards and are harmless for the skin. Even if you have sensitive skin, you can use these tattoos without worry.

It will take you up to 20 seconds to get a Pinone tattoo onto your skin. Even less will take for you to remove it. All you need is some rubbing alcohol or baby oil and a cotton pad. By rubbing, the tattoo will fade away. We surely recommend you check out these tattoos since they’re a quick and effective upgrade to any outfit.

Tatodays Temporary Tattoo Stickers

  • Type – Variety pack; sleeve temporary tattoo stickers
  • Price -$
  • Overall – realistic, non-toxic, bold and feminine, waterproof, last.1 to 2 days, easily removable

We believe that temporary tattoos look their best when they’re done in a black & grey fashion. Therefore, we’ve decided to include the Tatodays black & grey temporary tattoos in this list as well. These tattoos are truly high-quality and look completely realistic on the skin.

Customers even post pictures of their own Tatodays tattoos on Amazon as a part of their reviews, and we can only confirm that they look exceptional.

Now, these tattoos will take a few minutes to apply. The application process takes a bit longer due to the size of the designs. These are sleeve tattoos, and you need to apply each part using a damp sponge to wet the tattoo sheet. Now, this isn’t a lot of time, but compared to 20/30 seconds other temporary tattoos take, 3 to 5 minutes may sound like a lot.

Nevertheless, we assure you these tattoos are worth the time. They look simply great on the skin, and you will surely stand out wherever you go. We recommend you go for these tattoos in the summertime, for the ultimate sleeve tattoo effect.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you liked our selection of exceptional, budget-friendly temporary tattoo stickers. All of the tattoos are available for purchase on Amazon, so make sure to check them out. Even though the aforementioned tattoos meet safety standards and are non-toxic (Jotapas tattoos are even plant-based), we still recommend you be cautious in case of sensitive skin or skin conditions. Should your skin start getting red or itchy, immediately remove the tattoos using some soapy water, baby oil, or rubbing alcohol.

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