A John Deere Tractor Is About to Join LEGO’s Technic Collection – Review Geek

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A John Deere Tractor Is About to Join LEGO’s Technic Collection – Review Geek

An image of the John Deere9620R 4WD Tractor Technic set.

It’s time to start clearing some room on your massive LEGO shelf. LEGO will launch four new Technic heavy machinery sets in March of 2022, including an official John Deere 9620R 4WD Tractor with a functional trailer and some all-new, very green bricks.

News of the Technic sets comes from RacingBrick, which obtained a Hungarian LEGO catalog that isn’t available online or in the United States. Along with the new John Deere set, LEGO will sell a Telehandler, an All-Terrain Vehicle, and oddly enough, a tank-like “Transformation Car” that you control from an app.

LEGO’s new John Deere set is the highlight here, obviously. It’s the first official John Deere LEGO product, and it’s the first instance of LEGO using some parts (the roof and side panels) in this exciting green shade. Not to mention, it appears to have a functional trailer that can tilt or dump objects.

The other new Technic sets are a bit less impressive, but have functional parts and will look great next to the miniature John Deere. One thing to note here—LEGO uses a lot of small tractor tires in these sets, so such parts are about to become a bit more common.

As far as we know, LEGO will launch these new Technic sets in March of 2022. United States pricing is unconfirmed, though I should point out that the Telehandler only costs €10 in the catalog obtained by RacingBrick.

Source: RacingBrick via The Brick Fan

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