Announcing Vaccine Transportation for 2021-2022 Student Applicants

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Announcing Vaccine Transportation for 2021-2022 Student Applicants

Posted: 05.03.21

According to a New York Times survey, more than 100 colleges across the United States have said they will require students to receive coronavirus vaccines to attend in-person classes. Joining those institutions are The University System of Maryland and Morgan State University, who will require students on campuses to be vaccinated.

We are excited to announce Central Scholarship is expanding our services to provide students transportation to and from a COVID-19 vaccination site. Every eligible student will receive a $25 ride share gift card. To receive transportation for your COVID-19 vaccine, you must:

  • have submitted a scholarship application for the 2021-2022 academic year;
  • be a Maryland resident;
  • have a family income of $90,000 or less; and
  • plan on attending an accredited college, university, community college, or private career school in the upcoming academic year.

To schedule your appointment and find a vaccination site visit the State of Maryland’s GoVax website. For all interested students, please email Central Scholarship to find out how to receive your $25 gift card!

Create a digital vaccine card by checking out gogetvax.

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