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Apply Now For SE! Grounds Grant: Solve Education! is welcoming youthful Nigerians to become Social Grant Coordinators for their grounds. Tackle Education! is a tech non-benefit that is engaging minimized youngsters and adolescents to enable themselves.

Through the Social Grant, Solve Education! pays students to construct delicate abilities. Tackle Education! looks for understudy pioneers who can organize and set up the Social Grant Program on their grounds.

Absence of delicate abilities among youthful Nigerian alumni is generally answerable for their unemployability. Also, 65% of businesses studied said fearlessness and relational abilities are regularly ailing in graduate enlisted people. Settle Education! sent off a Social Grant to finance Nigerian students to gain delicate abilities through a social democratic technician on its wire AI chatbot stage, Ed the learning bot.

Responsibilities of a SE! Campus Grant Coordinator

  • Find beneficiaries for Solve Education!’s social grant program on your campus
  • Find at least 20 students from your campus per week, to compete in each week’s social grant contest
  • Establish general and subteam polls for the “Solve Education! Social Grant” program on your campus
  • Establish a community for the “Solve Education! Social Grant” on their campus
  • Organize at least 2 campus awareness events per month for the social grant

Benefits From SE! Campus Grant Coordinator

  • Paid part-time job opportunity which culminates in work experience for selected candidates
  • The above part-time contact position is paid at N40,000 per month.
  • Selected candidates will have access to premium agile tools
  • This position attracts performance bonuses to highly performing candidates
  • This part-time job provides an excellent networking opportunity for selected candidates

Eligibility Required for SE! Campus Grant Coordinator

To be eligible for this paid part-time job position, the applicant must:

  • Firstly, Be a student in a Nigerian higher institution, e.g. University, Polytechnic or Technical Colleges
  • Secondly, Not be in their final year of study
  • Thirdly, Have excellent people management and coordination skills
  • Additionally, Be passionate about the Social Grant’s mission
  • Lastly, Have a can-do attitude and excellent determination


You will need to answer the following questions upload the following documents

  • What does growing a community mean to you?
  • Similarly, What plans do you have to find 20 students that will contest in the weekly Social Grant from your campus?
  • Lastly, Student or Library ID card.

Lastly, It is important to visit the official website link found below to access the application form.



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