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1001 Best American Traditional Tattoos For man & women

With regards to body craftsmanship, American customary tattoos are a famous decision for the people who need exceptional plans and cool styling that will stick out. An American conventional style tattoo highlights striking dark frameworks, unmistakable overshadowing and energetic tones like blue, red, green, dark and yellow, making an old fashioned look that says something. Frequently founded on one of a kind glimmer plans, these conventional tattoos are for the most part motivated by unambiguous subjects like creatures, nautical components and lovely ladies. Whether you like ink with significance or simply need a wonderful piece of fine art, there are numerous American customary tattoo thoughts to consider. A few men will need a furious lion or wolf tattoo to represent their solidarity, initiative and character, while certain ladies might favor a honey bee or butterfly to address change, magnificence and reliability to family.

With such countless various styles and significant plans, it tends to be a test picking the right tattoo to get. To move you with thoughts, we’ve incorporated this aide on the best American customary tattoos. From exemplary Americana to current work of art, investigate these customary style tattoo plans to find cool thoughts you’ll cherish!

American Traditional Style Tattoo Designs

Leg Tattoo

A leg tattoo can be made to stand out or easily hidden at your discretion, making the placement a favorite for men and women who want American traditional style ink. Whether you want some artwork on your inner thigh, upper thigh or calf, the leg offers an amazing canvas for a sprawling traditional tattoo. Legs are a large body part and designs in this area have amazing flow. For bold and beautiful pieces, talk to your artist about large nautical scenes and wild animals that can’t be ignored.

American Traditional Leg Tattoo Design

American Traditional Leg Tattoo

Arm Tattoo

An American traditional tattoo on your arm makes a great feature piece that you can conceal and reveal when the occasion calls for it. While this space is limited, long statement pieces that wrap around the arm are popular, allowing you to expand on the design to create a half or full sleeve. Arm tattoos are also great if you want elaborate artwork that combines multiple designs with a coherent theme.

American Traditional Arm Tattoo

American Traditional Arm Tattoo Design

Forearm Tattoo

Forearm tattoos are one of the most versatile and popular placements for ink, making the arm the perfect spot for a cool American traditional style design. You can get a collage on your lower arm for a half sleeve tattoo or stick to a single piece for a simple approach. If you’re a business professional, it’s worth noting that even the boldest designs on your forearm can be covered up with the right clothing.

American Traditional Style Forearm Tattoo

American Traditional Forearm Tattoo

American Traditional Forearm Tattoo Design

Back Tattoo

A mind-blowing back tattoo can be the right option if you want to take an American traditional design to the next level. By using the ample space on your back, you can build a masterpiece and allow your artist to fully develop a traditional style tattoo. Popular back tattoo designs include fierce animals like lions, bears and tigers, but don’t be afraid to incorporate several smaller images to create a complete collage that reflects your life story.

American Traditional Back Tattoo Design

American Traditional Back Tattoo

American Traditional Style Back Tattoo Design

Sun and Palm Tree Tattoo

A striking sun and palm tree tattoo will transport you right back to the glory days of summer. With plenty of color, this design will make you feel happy, optimistic and relaxed. If you find yourself stressed out, simply glance at your ink to remind you that your next vacation isn’t far away. This beachy image can also remind you to celebrate the simple things in life.

American Traditional Sun and Palm Tree Tattoo

American Traditional Sun and Palm Tree Tattoo Design

Hot Air Balloon Tattoo

If you’ve ever dreamt of soaring high into the sky, then consider getting a hot air balloon tattoo for your next piece. Not only is this design aesthetically-pleasing, but it represents travel, adventure and an innate desire to explore. It’s best to ink a hot air balloon on a larger body part to draw attention to this majestic aircraft’s interesting shape.

American Traditional Hot Air Balloon Tattoo

American Traditional Hot Air Balloon Tattoo Design

Hourglass Tattoo

A beautiful hourglass tattoo can remind you that life is short and to truly appreciate your limited time on Earth, enjoying everything the journey has to offer. An American-style design with cool artwork and vibrant colors can symbolize time running out. Eye-catching and meaningful, this piece of artwork will inspire you to live your life to the fullest.

American Traditional Hourglass Tattoo

American Traditional Hourglass Tattoo Design

Sleeve Tattoo

American traditional designs are naturally colorful and edgy, making the style the perfect choice for a cool sleeve tattoo. Whether you want to stick with a theme or mesh a series of images together, sleeve tattoos are a great way to express yourself with badass ink. The beauty of a sleeve is that you can add to it at any time, so don’t be afraid to leave some space for future artwork. While costly and time-consuming, traditional style tattoo sleeves are well-worth the investment if you want unique and awesome ink.

American Traditional Tattoo Sleeve

American Traditional Style Sleeve Tattoo

American Traditional Sleeve Tattoo

Pin-Up Tattoo

A pin-up tattoo that features a beautiful girl can be a fun design that is equal parts edgy and flirtatious. Your artwork can be demure and feminine or totally raunchy, depending on your taste. Pin-ups were once used to remind sailors and soldiers of what was waiting for them at home, which explains this tattoo’s often hyper-sexual appearance. Single men can use a celebrity to inspire their artwork, whereas those happily settled down can take inspiration from their partner.

American Traditional Pin-Up Tattoo

American Traditional Pin-Up Tattoo Design

Lettering Tattoo

Word and lettering tattoos are simple ideas that can add meaning to your design. The American method uses very stark lines, which makes any quote look crystal-clear. You can either ink an entire phrase on your body and crowd it with interesting imagery or keep things basic with a banner containing your letters.

American Traditional Lettering Tattoo

American Traditional Lettering Tattoo Design

Diving Girl Tattoo

A diving girl tattoo is a beautiful choice for your next piece of ink. In addition to representing femininity and fearlessness, this design symbolizes a leap into the unknown or an exciting new chapter. To keep your artwork authentic, depict your diving girl in a classic retro swimsuit and surround her with flowers or water droplets.

American Traditional Diving Girl Tattoo

American Traditional Diving Girl Tattoo Design

Gypsy Girl Tattoo

Known as the original wanderers who sought freedom and fortune, a gypsy girl tattoo is sure to bring you good luck. The gypsy girl design typically features a beautiful dark-haired woman wearing a headscarf, large jewelry and flowers in her hair. Great on the chest, forearm and thigh, this stylish ink can be a cool and meaningful piece for the right person.

American Traditional Gypsy Girl Tattoo

American Traditional Gypsy Girl Tattoo Design

Religious Tattoo

Religious tattoos show that you wear your faith with pride. An ornate Jesus or cross tattoo can boldly show your devoutness. If you’d rather avoid religious figures, consider a meaningful symbol of Christianity that is special and unique to your relationship with God.

American Traditional Religious Tattoo

American Traditional Religious Tattoo Design

Circus Tattoo

Back in the day, tattoos were reserved for outcasts and circus professionals. These bold designs are now loved by many, making a vibrant circus tattoo a great choice for anyone wanting to stand out from the crowd. To make your artwork pop, ink a knife thrower, strong man or circus animal on your body. These designs are creative and pair perfectly with old-fashion linework and color palettes.

American Traditional Circus Tattoo

American Traditional Style Circus Tattoo

Cactus Tattoo

Spiky and able to survive the harshest conditions imaginable, a badass cactus tattoo is sure to impress. The cactus itself is a simple shape but you can make your artwork more complex by incorporating dots, linework and color. A sign of great endurance, this plant is a unique tattoo design that encourages you to stand strong against adversity.

American Traditional Cactus Tattoo

American Traditional Style Cactus Tattoo Design

Flower Tattoo

A flower tattoo can be a great design piece if you want artwork that symbolizes beauty, life and change. While many tattoos feature flowers, a dedicated floral piece may be worth considering. Splashes of red look striking and you can ink multiple blossoms in one area for a large cluster design that you can build upon later.

American Traditional Flower Tattoo

American Traditional Style Flower Tattoo Design

Arrow Tattoo

An arrow tattoo can be an amazing design symbolizing dedication, strength and purpose, always motivating you to fight for your dreams and achieve your goals. Whether inspired by a passion for hunting or a need to find direction in your life, American traditional style artwork can look great as a small and simple piece or an elaborate concept that adds feathers, stone arrowheads and rope.

American Traditional Arrow Tattoo

American Traditional Arrow Tattoo Design

Heart Tattoo

A heart tattoo represents love and devotion, making it a universally popular choice. The shape itself is simple, meaning you can keep your traditional classic American tattoo smaller if you’d like. To show the world what matters most to you, consider inking someone’s name across a banner in the center of your heart. If you want something bolder, fill your design with flowers for a result that won’t go unnoticed.

American Traditional Heart Tattoo

American Traditional Heart Tattoo Design

Skull Tattoo

If you want to be rebellious, a skull tattoo can be an awesome and threatening design. Due to its shape, this tattoo works well on narrow body parts but can be expanded to cover your thigh or chest for more impact. Skulls typically represent death or danger and this design may help to convey a sense of fearlessness to those around you. To up the ante, pair your skull with a menacing dagger to warn others not to get on your bad side.

American Traditional Skull Tattoo

American Traditional Skull Tattoo Design

Cat Tattoo

Both adorable and fierce, a cat tattoo always looks good. Superstitious folks may dislike cats, but these tattoos are said to offer protection and frighten away bad spirits. Cats are intelligent and independent animals, making them an excellent choice for anyone heading into a new phase of life. Black cats are most popular, but you can make this tattoo your own by adding your pet’s features into the mix.

American Traditional Cat Tattoo

American Traditional Style Cat Tattoo

Tiger Tattoo

A tiger tattoo can be a powerful design if you want to show the world your strength and adaptability. Tigers are apex predators that command respect and this type of American traditional tattoo is a popular choice for men and women who want to showcase their wild side. Although realistic artwork can be amazing, this style can stand out with bold coloring and impactful details.

American Traditional Style Tiger Tattoo

American Traditional Tiger Tattoo

Bear Tattoo

A bear tattoo can be a unique and edgy design that will command respect. An eternally popular piece, American traditional bear tattoos represent strength, protection and spirituality. Old-school artwork is rarely subtle and you can take advantage of this by sketching out a bear with its mouth open accompanied by tribal arrows, vibrant red flowers and other fierce additions. A traditional style design will look excellent anywhere on the body. Ideally, you’ll want a large canvas for an elaborate piece that will do this magnificent creature justice.

American Traditional Style Bear Tattoo

American Traditional Bear Tattoo

Bee Tattoo

A bee tattoo is a wonderful idea for an American traditional style design that represents loyalty, hard work and community. Honey bees are naturally selfless and committed to the hive, working tirelessly for the benefit of their family. If you’ve ever heard the term “worker bee”, you’ll know that these insects are unmatched when it comes to focusing on the task at hand, making the bee a meaningful tattoo. Take your artwork to the next level by featuring a rose, honeycomb or floral decorations.

American Traditional Bee Tattoo

American Traditional Style Bee Tattoo

Lion Tattoo

The lion tattoo is a statement piece that looks stunning and fierce when inked in the American traditional style. As Kings of the Jungle, lions are ferocious apex predators that represent strength, power, nobility and courage. Traditional lion tattoos can act as reminders to follow your heart, stand up for yourself and persevere through challenging times.

American Traditional Style Lion Tattoo

American Traditional Lion Tattoo

Octopus Tattoo

An octopus tattoo is an amazing nautical design that works on any body part. The ocean is a mysterious place and many sailors felt this animal’s reputation for craftiness and intelligence was worth immortalizing. They often feared that the mythical squid-like Kraken would pull them to their doom and this tattoo was a sign of respect for the creatures of the deep. Due to its strength and power, this sea monster is sure to prove an interesting conversation starter.

American Traditional Style Octopus Tattoo

American Traditional Octopus Tattoo

Butterfly Tattoo

Butterfly tattoos represent transformation and are rapidly gaining traction with both men and women. These insects are naturally beautiful and you can add strong reds and blues to the wings and spine of your tattoo for an epic, stained-glass finish. To make this a true statement piece, consider expanding your artwork with flowers and vines.

American Traditional Style Butterfly Tattoo

Traditional Butterfly Tattoo Design

Portrait Tattoo

Portrait tattoos are an acquired taste, but when designed well they’re sure to stand the test of time. Taking a less realistic approach, the Americana style uses dark shading and lines to create bold artwork that looks amazing on larger body parts. You can choose a design based on yourself, your significant other, an impactful historical person or any meaningful individual.

American Traditional Portrait Tattoo

American Traditional Portrait Tattoo Design

Ship Tattoo

The ship tattoo continues to be a stylish American traditional design with deep meaning. Ships symbolized adventure, direction and a way of life for sailors. Some wished to travel the world in search of riches while others navigated the waters to protect their country and loved ones. This piece is perfect for anyone who is embarking on an important new chapter or who wants to pay homage to a nautical relative. You can build on your artwork by adding clouds, birds, anchors and sea creatures.

American Traditional Style Ship Tattoo

American Traditional Ship Tattoo

Eagle Tattoo

When you want a striking design that packs a punch, an American eagle tattoo is a great option. Whether you want to express your patriotism or let the world know that you believe in freedom, this majestic bird is sure to impress. Consider large outstretched wings and a fierce expression for your ink to let those around you know that you’re not to be messed with.

American Traditional Eagle Tattoo

Snake Tattoo

A snake tattoo just looks amazing on the skin and the colors associated with American traditional designs can take your piece to the next level. For some, snakes are symbols of rebirth and transformation, while others believe they represent evil. These reptiles are rarely seen slithering and look best inked in a coiled position ready to attack. Snakes with fangs look particularly scary and can offer an edgy style.

American Traditional Style Snake Tattoo

American Traditional Snake Tattoo

Deer Tattoo

Deer tattoos can be bold and striking designs that represent kindness, patience, fragility and strength. These powerful connotations make the deer a favorite for some mothers who want to immortalize a strong family bond. For men, a deer tattoo can showcase a strong personality since stags are known for their masculinity and protective natures. Whatever artwork you choose, an American traditional look will feature strong colors and bold lines that can take the piece to the next level.

American Traditional Deer Tattoo

American Traditional Style Deer Tattoo

Wolf Tattoo

Intriguing and mystical, a wolf tattoo is a powerful and edgy design that will turn heads, making it a badass piece worth exploring. Wolves are natural pack animals and it’s common to see this fierce animal inked among family members to represent unity and strength. Many animal tattoos are extremely realistic, but you can use heavy linework to make your design more animated. For beautiful and rugged styling, use dark and contrasting colors. A wolf’s eyes and tongue are striking features that can be made more prominent with red or yellow ink. Bared teeth also give the idea a fearsome touch.


Swallow Tattoo

Swallow tattoos are aesthetically pleasing and are symbolic pieces that can inspire you on a daily basis. These birds were often inked on sailors who had sailed over five thousand nautical miles. As a result, this tattoo was a rite of passage for many. For others, they symbolized a romantic partner and their ink acted as a promise to return home after a voyage. Due to their romantic associations, swallows are often seen carrying flowers, messages or initials to represent love letters being sent between couples. These delicate designs look beautiful all over the body but are particularly eye-catching on the chest, wrist and neck.

American Traditional Style Swallow Tattoo

American Traditional Swallow Tattoo

Compass Tattoo

A compass tattoo is one of the most popular and meaningful traditional American style designs to get, offering bold and vibrant artwork. The compass is an important navigational tool for sailors and explorers, and can represent the desire to find your way in life, go on adventures and persevere through hardship. Your piece will likely incorporate cool colors and can feature flowers, rope and other nautical images.

American Traditional Compass Tattoo

American Traditional Style Compass Tattoo

Simple Tattoo

A simple tattoo can be an easy way to get inked for the first time and still enjoy the aesthetically-pleasing style of an American traditional design. Minimalist tattoos work well with this styling since most simple designs focus on black ink or limited colors and basic lines. To create cool artwork with meaning, think about symbols that represent something special to you.

American Traditional Simple Tattoo

American Traditional Simple Tattoo Design

Small Tattoo

A small tattoo continues to be a fashionable choice for those who want American traditional designs that can be hidden or visible at their discretion. Whether you’re a business professional who needs to cover up their artwork or just wants to get meaningful artwork tattooed without being loud about it, many amazing small traditional tattoos are worth your consideration. While skulls, birds, roses, hearts and arrows will always be favorites, the best ideas are unique to you, your life philosophy and experiences. Talented artists can apply old-school styling to your creative design, resulting in the classic Americana tattoo you want.

American Traditional Small Tattoo

American Traditional Small Tattoo Design

Black Tattoo

A black tattoo can help create a badass look with an American traditional style design. With heavy shading and black outlining, a traditional tattoo can be beautiful and intense when done in black and grey. For best results, make the lines as bold as possible and take advantage of the technique’s unique styling. This should give you an effective finish without relying on color to create contrast.

American Traditional Black Tattoo

American Traditional Black Tattoo Design

Animal Tattoo

An animal tattoo is a popular design and will always look great in the American traditional style. Most classic animal tattoos symbolize strength, intelligence and courage, making this type of artwork meaningful and inspirational. Whether you choose to ink a dog on your forearm, a bear on your chest or a spider on your hand, the bold appearance created by heavy outlines and powerful colors will result in an impressive piece.

American Traditional Style Animal Tattoo Design

American Traditional Animal Tattoo

Anchor Tattoo

Anchor tattoos look incredible when designed in the American traditional style as they work well with bold lines and minimal shading. Anchors symbolize stability, strength and determination, giving this tattoo a meaningful concept worth considering. In the 1930s, sailors would get inked to mark the end of a long journey or the prospect of a difficult voyage ahead. While variations can include roses, ropes, swallows and ships, classic designs tend to feature the names of loved ones as reminders of home.

American Traditional Anchor Tattoo

American Traditional Style Anchor Tattoo

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