Collar bone tattoos: Tattoos are not only a type of articulation now. They have gradually developed into a design proclamation. An ever increasing number of individuals particularly the adolescent are presently ready to get tattoos even long-lasting ones. Tattoo devotees frequently couldn’t care less about the torment yet in the event that you are a beginner to tattoos, you want to truly think prior to choosing a collarbone tattoo.

Collarbone tattoos are very excruciating as the needle hits straightforwardly the bone however these days collar bone tattoos are the well known decision. Collar-bone tattoos are plainly apparent and are challenging to stow away so make a point to just get a tattoo that you wouldn’t fret others seeing. You need to observe the best collar bone tattoos that you can get, however you don’t have the foggiest idea how to approach making it happen. These are probably the most famous ones that we have found and they make certain to assist you with settling on your decision with regards to this kind of tattoo. You ought to likewise know their implications so when you get one, it can mean something particularly amazing to you too. Certain individuals might believe they’re all practically the same, however there’s more assortment than you would expect, which makes them generally considerably seriously intriguing.

Birds, Flowers, Animals Collar bone tattoo:

Birds, flowers, and animals are among famous topics for collar bone tattoos. A bird can address your opportunity; maybe you got a bird tattoo to praise your recently tracked down freedom or fledging profession. The petals of a blossom can represent resurrection; assuming that you’re moving to another city or setting out on a completely new section throughout everyday life, these sprouting pictures may be ideally suited for your collar bone.

Assuming you are keen on visual narrating you can involve these tattoos as a medium to pass a story that is close on to you. Collarbone tattoos are additionally made for important proposition. Indeed, even grown-ups can get their kids birthdate inked on their collar bones.

1. Small peony flower tattoo design on collarbone ideas for girls.

flower collar bone tattoos


2. Purple Rose Flower tattoo design on collar bone ideas for women.

beautiful rose collar bone tattoos

3. Japanese Tiger & Dragon with stars tattoo design as a necklace idea for girls.

Best collar bone tattoos

4. Amazing brush style tattoo design on collar bone ideas for girls.

brush collar bone tattoos

5. Snake tattoo design for the collar bone is one of the good choices for girls who wants some attractive tattoo designs.

snake collar bone tattoos

6. Flower tattoo design for the collarbone gives a perfect look for the woman’s shoulder.

Best flower collar bone tattoos

7. Small Lilly flower tattoo design for girls on their collarbone.

Best collar bone tattoos

8. Sunflower tattoo design with a  beautiful quote on collar bone is the perfect way of getting a meaningful tattoo design.


Best flower collar bone tattoos

9. Leaf tattoo design for collarbone.

Best leaf collar bone tattoos

Small Words & Quotes

Small words tattoos such as live, love, dream, have become very popular. These can be tattooed in any part of your body. They are often placed on the wrist or ankle but some girls love to get them on collar bone too. Quotes are also a great idea for collar bone tattoos with meaningful lines from books, poems, or just your own thought process.

10. Beautiful Butterfly with beautiful quotes tattoo design for the girl for their collarbone.

Best butterfly collar bone tattoos

11. Best snow-white flower tattoo design on collar bone ideas for girls.

Best collar bone tattoos


12. Matching poppy flower tattoo design on both side collar bone and shoulders ideas for women.

Best collar bone tattoos

13. Unique peony flower tattoo design on shoulder and collar bone for girls.

Best collar bone tattoos

14. Rose with the different colors on both collar bone tattoo designs for girls.

Best barbed wire collar bone tattoos

15. Best daffodi flower tattoo design on collar bone tattoo ideas for men and women.

Best collar bone tattoos

16. Small beautiful rose flower tattoo design on both collar bone ideas for women.

Best leaf collar bone tattoos

17. Snake tattoo design on collar bone ideas for girls.

Best snake on collar bone tattoos

18. Best Rose flower tattoo design on collar bone ideas for girls.

Best flower collar bone tattoos

19. Small and beautiful pink rose and flower tattoo design

small flower collar bone tattoos

20. Watercolor butterfly tattoo with blue rose and bee tattoos for collar bone.

butterfly with rose collar bone tattoos

21. Small flower and leaf on both sides tattoos on women’s collarbone.

both side collar bone tattoos


22. Flower tattoos over shoulder and arm.


Best collar bone tattoos

23.  Beautiful Flower tattoo design over neck and shoulder.

Best collar bone tattoos

collar bone tattoos snake

The collar bone is an attractive spot for those who are looking to get inked. It doesn’t show as much as some other parts of your body, but it’s still a great place for an original tattoo. So what do collar bone tattoos snake mean? This can be interpreted in many different ways depending on design, placement, scale, color, and materials used.

However, there are common themes among popular designs: strength, courage, purity, etc. Any design that has any meaning to you is always a good idea as long as you don’t regret it later on! The first step is deciding what you would like to get permanently etched onto your skin! Do some research online or ask your friends if they have tattoos that they are proud of.




24. 3d Realistic snake collar bone is a very nice idea for getting a tattoo.

Best collar bone tattoos

25. Best dragon tattoos around the neck and collar bone for men.

Best dragon collar bone tattoos

26. Best flower over the collarbone for women.

dandelion flower collar bone tattoos

27. Best cherry blossom tattoo design on collar bone ideas for women.

Best cherry blossom collar bone tattoos

28. Beautiful quote related to the family “My family my everything.” is a good idea for those who want some family-related tattoos over the collar bone.

Best collar bone tattoos

29. Flower tattoos for girls on collar bone.

Best collar bone tattoos

30. “Stay strong” with feathers and cherry blossom flower & Leafs on collar bone.

cherry blossom collar bone tattoos

31. Another beautiful flower tattoo design with a feather over collarbone for women.

Best collar bone tattoos


32. Mom’s dad dedicated tattoo design with feather and flying birds on the collarbone.

snake collar bone tattoos

33. Sanskrit word “Karm” Which means “Karma” tattoo design near the collarbone.

Best collar bone tattoos

34. Butterfly with the beautiful quote over the collarbone.

Best collar bone tattoos

35. A realistic 3d snake tattoo can give an adorable look to men who want a tattoo design near the collar bone.

snake collar bone tattoos

36. An arrow with a bow tattoo design is a good tattoo idea for those whose zodiac sign is Sagittarius and who want to focus on life.

small heart with finger print collar bone tattoos

37. A beautiful flower tattoo design for collar bone tattoos.

Best collar bone tattoos for girls

38. Mom dedicated tattoo design with a beautiful quote over the collar bone.

Best collar bone tattoos for women

39. Unique watercolor tattoo design on the collar bone and shoulder ideas for girls.

Best collar bone tattoos

40. Peacock tattoo on collar bone tattoo design for girls.

peacock tattoo on collar bone

Are collarbone tattoos attractive?

Collarbone tattoos are often very elegant and require great precision. Most people like to get either a quote, a name or a date inked on their collarbones but you can always try and be different. The most popular collar bone tattoo designs are butterflies, floral patterns, tribal tattoos, birthday/wedding dates. Heart shapes and heartbeats are also pretty common when it comes to collarbone tattoo designs.

Do collarbone tattoos age well?

There are many things you have to keep in mind while getting a collar bone tattoo such as pain tolerance because while these tattoos may look very cool they are very very painful. Make sure your tattoo artist knows what he is doing because any mistake from him will not only cause you pain but will also leave you with a shabby-looking tattoo that you can’t hide.

What does a collarbone tattoo mean

You can even get matching collar bone tattoos as a symbol of friendship, love, or family. You can choose the size of the tattoo as per your taste. Collarbone tattoos can go up to shoulders or even span across the chest area. You can get a tattoo on either side but if you like symmetrical tattoos and you can tolerate pain then you can also go for both side collar bone tattoos.

Words or designs that are inked on the collar bone tattoos can have different meanings and significance to different people, so it is important to choose them carefully and make sure they reflect your personality and lifestyle. To help you with your search for the perfect collar bone tattoo design, here are some of the most popular ones as well as their meanings and significance. These include ideas like mandala tattoos, heart tattoos, arrow tattoos, infinity tattoos, and more.

Collar Bone Tattoo Symbolism?

The shoulder area is an extremely sensitive part of the body, so tattoos here carry a lot of weight. The collar bone area can symbolize several different things—protection, daring, or even acts of defiance. For some people with tattoos on their collar bones, the choice to get inked there was as simple as I wanted it in that spot. Some people report getting tattooed on the collar bone because they felt like the design would hurt less there. For others, having an image on the coll ar bone means something to them personally or symbolizes a life-changing event or relationship (getting married to someone with tattoos on their collar bone is common.) Still, other people get tattoos in that area for protection from danger.


Butterfly and Rose Collar Bone Tattoo:

The butterfly is a symbol of change, freedom, and creativity. Adding one to your collar bone tattoo can mean you’re ready for a new beginning. The meanings of specific colors are important when it comes to butterfly tattoos,

red butterflies mean passion.

yellow ones mean cheerfulness.

blue butterflies mean truth; black ones mean mourning; orange ones represent success.

collar bone tattoos pain – How much pain during Collar bone tattoo?

As it seems that it’s a very sensitive area of our body. A large neck bone is present here and it’s a larger one also. when we go through the collar bone tattoo process. It may be painful, very painful when tattoo needle contact with neck bone. if you want to get a collar bone tattoo, it’s important to plan ahead. The collar bone tattoo pain is pretty severe. Any other part of your body would hurt more than getting a collar bone tattoo. But, don’t let that deter you. There are ways to minimize or even avoid any pain altogether if you know what you’re doing. Let’s dive in for some tips…

  • Tell your tattoo artist to go easy with that area. 
  • Use some lotion like vitamin A&D before running a tattoo machine over that area.