Best Programming Languages To Learn In 2022

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Yes, a programming language is the most crucial prerequisite for practically any subject, including web development, machine learning, data science, and so on. And we watch as the ranks of these Programming Languages shift year after year in response to developer demand and popularity. Meanwhile, to stay relevant in the IT sector, you’ll need to keep up with all of these latest Programming Language trends and indices. Beginners, in particular, must carefully evaluate various important factors such as demand and popularity, job opportunities, micro-internship schemes, applications, and so on before deciding on a programming language.

Below we are listing down the best coding language to learn in 2022 that will flourish your career and help you in future! 


Many languages have come and gone, but JavaScript is one of the few well-known languages that continue to have a strong following and demand in the programming industry. JavaScript has constantly been listed outside of the top ten programming languages in the TIOBE rating report for several years. It also takes first place among all programming languages on Octoverse. Meanwhile, Google, Uber, Facebook, Microsoft, and other well-known organisations in the tech industry use JavaScript.

Even though the language is most recognised for adding responsive features to web pages, it has a wide range of uses in web development, mobile application development, game development, and more. Furthermore, the language is being used for both Front End and Back End Development.

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Python | Best Programming Languages To Learn 

Python has surpassed JAVA to become the second most used programming language, according to the RedMonk Ranking report for 2020. In the last five years, the language has grown at a rate of roughly 18%-19%. Python is now ranked first in the PYPL index for December 2020. Stack Overflow, Github, and other well-known platforms also rate the language among the most popular programming languages. Python is also popular among developers because of its interoperability with cutting-edge technology such as AI and machine learning that are essential in courses like data science.

For many years, Python has been the preferred language of practically everyone who is just getting started in the programming world. The fundamental reason is that it has a very simple syntax that is simple to read, understand, and use.

C/C++ | Best Programming Languages To Learn 

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Both C and C++ have a substantial representation in the tech world and are now at the top of several indexes. In the TIOBE index of 2020, C and C are ranked first and fourth, respectively, under the top 5 programming languages. C/C++ is ranked #5 in the PYPL index, with an increasing trend of roughly 0.1%. Many large IT organisations, such as Adobe, Oracle, Microsoft, Nvidia, and others, hire C/C++ professionals with competitive salaries. And learning C/C++ in 2021 will not only help you advance in your job, but it will also make learning other programming languages easier in the future. It is also regarded as one of the easiest programming languages to learn.


Many times it appears like JAVA is losing its allure, but when we look at the numbers, we can see that JAVA maintains a high ranking year after year, demonstrating that the language is still in demand in the computer industry. Around 8 million JAVA developers work around the world; perhaps this number might help you gauge the language’s need and popularity. To date, it is one of the best programming languages to learn. These programming languages fall under the top skills to learn in today’s time. 

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The object-oriented programming language implements the well-known idea of Write Once, Run Anywhere, which allows Java programmes to run on other platforms that support JAVA without requiring a recompilation. The language is frequently used in the development of Android applications, as well as Web, desktop, and scientific applications. Additionally, top-tier organisations such as Adobe, Amazon, Flipkart, and others use JAVA and provide enticing employment possibilities for Java engineers.

Go | Best Programming Languages To Learn 

Even though Go is not a very well-known programming language, it has seen a significant increase in demand and popularity among developers in recent years. According to Stack Overflow, Go is one of the top five most popular programming languages among developers in 2020. Companies such as Uber, Google, and others are using the Go language, and you may learn it as well, as the language appears to be growing in popularity in the next few years as one of the best programming languages to learn

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Go is a Google-developed statically typed programming language with a syntax comparable to C. It comes with a slew of useful features, including garbage collection,  type safety, dynamic typing, high performance and efficiency, and so on. The language is multithreaded and can be utilised in distributed systems, cloud computing, and other applications. The greatest part about the language is that it addresses several key problems, such as delayed compilation and execution, the lack of a comprehensive standard library, and so on.

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