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Can your vagina be too tight? An expert tells you all

Have you ever experienced pain during penetration, making you think that your vagina is hard? Well, it’s time to find out the truth ladies.

Haven’t we all heard enough about the vagina feeling ‘loose’ post childbirth or with age? But have you ever felt if your vagina may be too tight? Well, you may feel this if you’ve had a hard time during sex. But first of all, heave a sigh of relief because it isn’t too tight! It’s just that sometimes it needs extra help for penetration.

When your vagina experiences arousal, it grows wider and releases a lubricant. So, in case there’s any pain during intercourse, all it means is that you weren’t as aroused. Sometimes, it could also indicate that there’s an infection, injury or abnormality

To understand this better, HealthShots got in touch with Dr Niveditha Manokaran, dermatologist and venereologist, who also goes by the name of dr_nive_untaboos on Instagram. Here’s what she had to say.

“The vagina is a muscular organ which has great capacity to expand and constrict. It also has a tendency to protect and be a barrier, if needed. Normally with sexual arousal, the vagina can expand to fit a finger, fingers, toys or penis. Occasionally, there are several reasons as to why the vagina can tighten up without allowing the same. If that is the case, you can definitely see a doctor to see why that is happening and there are several ways to fix it,” she adds.

Here are some reasons why your vagina could feel tight:

1. Insufficient arousal or lubrication

There are times when there isn’t much arousal, which means that your body isn’t producing as much natural lubricant. Try to use an artificial one in that case.

2. Infection or disorder

It may be that some sexually transmitted infections have impacted the shape or tightness of your vagina. Visit a specialist to find out what’s wrong.

tight vagina
The tight vagina can be due to certain infections in the intimate area. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

3. Injury or trauma

An injury to your pelvis or your genitals may make sex painful. Do not have sex, until you have properly healed.

4. Congenital abnormality

It could be that you are born with a thick hymen, and when penetration happens, it feels painful.

5. Vaginismus

This condition could cause involuntary contractions of the pelvic floor muscles, making it hard for penetration to happen. Sometimes, it happens as a result of anxiety or fear.

For each of the conditions, certain therapies are required. Some specialists may also require patients to use vaginal dilators or trainers.

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