500 Popular Cat Tattoos Designs And Meanings

Cat tattoos should be one of your choices that you should consider when it comes to body tattoos. Why is it so? Are these tattoos really worth having? Well, there is no question about the fact that a cat art is a worth trying body art since it can give you the extreme aesthetics that you are trying to look for, as far as body arts are concerned. Apart from that, these tattoos are also very meaningful since they are related to a number of cultures in the world. Whether you just want to honor your beloved cat pet or you want to have a body tattoo that is related to your own culture, a cat designed tattoo is certainly a perfect subject.

500 Cat tattoos Design

Cheshire Cat tattoo
Cat Outline Tattoo
Samurai Cat
Ornamental Cat Thigh Tattoo
Lynx & Mill Lodge
Dreaming of Freedom
Bitey Kitty
Audrey Hepburn & Cat, Breakfast at Tiffany's
Pink Panther embroidery
Mother of Cats
Lion Love
Lady & cat in the shadows
Cat headdress sleeve
Indian Cat Ornamental Piece
Watercolor Cat Arm Tattoo
Cheshire Cat Hand Tattoo
Tom and Jerry Dynamite Tattoo
Cat Hip Tattoo
Giraffes & Lion Eye Tattoo
Cat Vs Cat Leg Tattoos
Cats Face Girls Hip Tattoo
Tom & Jerry on Guy's Ankle
Sexy cat watercolor thigh tattoo
Panther & Peonies
Realistic Tiger arm
Leopard Tattoo
Colorful Watercolor Cat
Lion Watercolor
Space Cat
Cat Hand Tattoo
Leopard Butt Tattoo
Lynx Cat Tattoo
Nightmare & Alice Cover-Up
Lion Watercolor Tattoo
Watercolor Kitten
Jaguar Mask
Black & White Cat
Cat Ankle Tattoo
Sky Cat Tattoo
Cat Skull Tattoo
Lioness Shoulder Blade
Cats Eyes
Maine Coon Cat Tattoo
Cheshire Cat Tattoo
Tiger Finger Tattoo
Cat Hand Tattoo
Crazy Cat
Satan Cat
Badass Cat
Classy Cat
Time, Cat…
One Love & Cat
Colourful Triangle Cat
Cat Face On Leg
Sailor Cat
Happy Cat






Different Designs for Cat Art

Of course, you can have a number of options for your cat tattoos when it comes to the design. These designs will definitely impress you, wishing you can have them all. However, you can never have them all. Thus, what you need to do is take time in deciding which one is really something that can match the entire you. Here are some of the designs that are worth for your consideration:

  • Skull Cat Art – As its name suggests, this particular design involves an image of a skull and a cat. When you wear such design, it will show that you are not afraid to face death. In other words, you are completely aware of the fact that there are things that cannot be prevented, and good example is your death.
  • Eye Cat Art – This is another worth considering common design you might want to have on your body. When you have this design, it is just like the same that you are telling other people that you have wider perspective that you never judge unless you have already analyzed every single situation, whether it is big or small.
  • Black Cat Art – This design is said to have a strong relation to Paganism. In case you believe in Paganism, then it would be great for you to wear such design on your body. Such tattoo will also symbolize things that have something to do with reserved power, mystery, and femininity.
  • Cat Paw Tattoo Design – Instead of having a full cat image as your tattoo, the cat paw tattoo design is obviously only involving the cat’s paw. This design can be your great option in case you want to be out of the ordinary. The uniqueness of this design will surely captivate other people around you when they see it engraved on your body. Such design will actually symbolize the mental or emotional journey that you have got, which really challenged your emotional and mental capacity.
  • Tribal Cat Art – This is among those most preferred and most beautiful tattoo designs that you can have on your body. As its name suggests, this design will involve an image of a cat animal as well as gorgeous and artistic tribal designs that are sure to complement the cat image.

Final Words

Without a doubt, cat tattoos can serve their number one purpose on your body, which is making it more gorgeous. Even so, if you want your cat art to be very meaningful, it is possible of course since there were lots of stories about cat that you surely don’t know. Just make sure to choose the best design that matches your personality.



Cats have held a place of reverence in various cultures around the world. The Egyptians regarded these animals to be the Moon Goddess and killing cat in the culture called for death sentence, such was the reverence of this animal. The Romans worshipped the cat as the symbol of Goddess Diana and associated it with motherhood and protection. In this culture, it was believed that domesticating a cat meant that there would be abundant good fortune and happiness in a home. In Nordic tradition, cat was revered as an extension of Freyja, the Goddess of elegance, grace, fertility and protection. These associations of cat with these divine beings make her a symbol of feminine power. On the other hand, there were some negative beliefs about this cute looking animal.

In the middle ages, European countries linked cats with witchcraft and paganism. At one time, it was even said that bad luck is coming your way when a cat crosses your path, but gradually it came out that there was nothing evil about these friendly felines. In fact, cat art today regarded as the symbols of protection. At present, cats are thought as free spirited and independent animals. People love to have them as pets because they keep them entertained with their playful antics and funny actions. Symbolically, the feline pets are related with a variety of meanings such as beauty, mystery, magic, freedom, royalty, stealth, vitality, luck, intellect, mischief, secretiveness, watchfulness, hidden power, independence, feminine power and wandering spirit. There has also been a belief that cats have a power to transit between the physical world and spiritual realms and communicating with the deceased spirits. Women love cat art because cats are the symbols of femininity, grace and elegance. At the same time, there is something secretive and unpredictable about them, which add a new level of mysticism and fascination to these tattoos. Following are words used to express symbolism;

  • Protection
  • Intelligence and Intuition
  • Elegance and Refinement
  • Attentiveness
  • Feminine Power
  • Luck and Prosperity
  • Mystery and Secrets
  • Spirituality and a connection with the Divine
  • A link with the Afterlife

Famous Personalities Views

Aside from the great numbers of ordinary people in the world, cat tattoos have also captivated the hearts and the tastes of numerous famous personalities worldwide. Most of these personalities are thriving in the entertainment and music industry. Here are some of the names of these famous personalities:

  • Kesha – With the real name of Kesha Rose Sebert, Kesha is a very famous American rapper and singer-songwriter. Aside from that, Kesha is a big fan of cat pets, pushing her to get tattooed with the face of a cat on her left big toe.
  • Katy Perry – Who would not know Katy Perry by the way? She is very famous in the music and entertainment industry in the United States. Her passion for cat animals has pushed her to have a Hello Kitty tattoo on the left side of her right middle finger.
  • Miley Cyrus – Miley Cyrus is a 23-year-old American actress and singer whom is very controversial worldwide because of her nude pictures in various social media sites as well as her involvement in using marijuana. Her art is very unique when it comes to location. It is exactly located right there at the inner part of her lower lip.
  • Jessica Jane Clement – Jessica Jane Clement is an English TV presenter and actress who has a gorgeous art located on her calf part. The exact design is a Maneki-neko, or a Japanese lucky cat.

Cats have been among the favorite pets of the human race since the beginning of time because they are lovable, intelligent and playful creatures. As tattoo art draws inspiration from the objects and creatures around us, cat art tattoos have been one of the favorite among tattoo designs for a long time now. Primarily, cats are considered as feminine creatures, which makes them a good tattoo choice for women, but men too love to get such tattoos inked. As such, there is something very attractive about these feline friends, which makes them an equally impressive element for tattoo art too.

Best Small Cat Tattoo Designs

Cats are alluring creatures which can look very cute and pretty in various tattoo designs. Their eyes show innocence and so does their charming expression. They can be done in black color as black cats have had a long association with folklore and closely linked with mystery and superstition. Such tattoos are suitable for those who want to depict a mysterious and dark meaning. On the other hand, those looking for cute designs can have innocent looking cats inked on their body, preferably done in bright and vivid colors and focusing on the innocent look in her eyes.

  • Cat Eye Art – Cat Eye Tattoos represent your ability to see things for more than what they are. You can analyze a situation and view every action as an extension of something greater.
  • Cat Skull Art – Cat Skull Tattoos are seen as a more subtle way of symbolizing your understanding and acceptance of the inevitable. In a sense, it is a sign of bravery because it shows that you aren’t afraid to face your mortality.
  • Cat Paw Tattoos – Paw prints represent an emotional or mental journey through a difficult time. Cat Paw Tattoos represent Prosperity, Good Fortune, and Progress.
  • Black Cat Art – Symbols of Femininity, Mystery, and reserved Power because of the animal’s close association with the unknown and Paganism.
  • Tribal Cat Art – Tribal cat art designs are also in vogue because there is a fascinating quality about them, which remains unmatched by any other kind of tattoo design.

The basic element on which stress is laid in a cat art design is its eyes, which look innocent or mysterious depending upon what the artist wants to display with the tattoo. Some people get just cat eyes inked on their body, while others prefer 3D cat tattoos for a more realistic look. Cartoon and animated cat art tattoos are also very popular, particularly among young people as they signify innocence and playfulness. The most popular animated cats which have found a place in modern tattoo designs are Tom, Sylvester and Garfield, to name just a few.

The beauty and symbolism of cat art depends upon the expertise of the artist who has created the tattoo. The master strokes of an expert tattoo artist can create a brilliant impact with a seemingly simple looking tattoo design while a wrong stroke can create an error for a lifetime. Basically, it is expression in the cat’s eye which counts because it is what can make a cat look innocent, mysterious or dangerous in the long run. Therefore, before getting your cat art tattoo inked, look for someone with experience in such tattoos and also ask him to show some of his previous works. Also, you should do some research on the tattoo design at your own level because after all, you are going to spend a good deal of time and money on it and also bear a considerable level of pain to have it inked on your body.

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