Do 100 fly jacks to lose weight and get a well-shaped back and upper body

Fly jack is a 3-venture move that can condition your chest area inside no time. Best of all, you won’t miss those shocking push-ups once more.

Assuming you additionally believe that practices that make your muscles shout without holding back are the ones that get it done, it’s an ideal opportunity to break this fantasy. Here is reality — it isn’t the activity, yet its power that characterizes the calorie consume. In the HIIT universe, there is no lack of activities; there’s something for everybody. Indeed, assuming you have a place with the “I disdain burpees and push-ups” detachment, HIIT has one maneuver coming up for you that may prove to be useful. What’s more that move is – fly jacks.

Fly jack is a variety of hopping jacks. This implies that your lower body moves along comparative lines, yet your chest area needs to step up with its moves. Basic? To be sure!

Come let’s dive in and know how fly jacks are here to help you with your weight loss resolution.

Jumping jacks
If upper body toning is on your mind, then jumping jacks and its variations is something you must include in your daily routine. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

3 simple steps to ace fly jacks

Your legs will move just like they do in jumping jacks. It’s the hand movement that will be different. So, come and learn.

Step 1: Stand straight with your feet together. Open up your hands in a lateral position, making a straight line with your shoulders.

Step 2: With a jump, open your legs and bring your hands in front, making your palms clap.

Step 3: Jump again and close your legs. Bring back your hands straight with the shoulder.

Now, repeat.

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Here’s how many you can do: If you are at a beginner level, do 25 reps and 5 sets. If you are at an intermediate level, 50 reps and 5 sets, and if you are at an advanced level, 100 reps and 5 sets.

fly jacks
Lose weight ASAP! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Pressure points

A simple exercise like fly jacks actually has the capacity to reap the best results, but only when you do it right. Here are some points to remember, while performing it:

  1. Keep your body tight

    You need to keep your arms, legs, glutes, back, chest, and core tight. This will help to power your muscles. More tightness will lead to better sculpting of the muscles, and faster weight loss.

  2. Observe your form

    If you follow the above rule, there are very few chances of you losing your form. But at times when you speed up, you also tend to lose your form. This leads to a fall, which can sprain your leg/ankle. Or you may not get effective results.

  3. Go for a full range of motion

    Doing anything half-heartedly will give you that kind of result. And we don’t want that right? So make sure that your legs and arms are not bent at any point in time. Also, when you bring your arms in front, ensure that they are straight and while moving them back and forth, you put some extra pressure to awaken your chest and upper back muscles.

Why are fly jacks as good as push-ups?

We know you literally hate doing push-ups, especially those of you who squeal and shout to reach the 100-mark. Now that means you need an alternative that can be simple but has a similar effect. You know why we are singing sweet songs for fly jacks.

If you find it hard to do push-ups then try fly jacks. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Fly jacks literally target every muscle in your chest and upper back. So, it won’t be wrong to call it a compound exercise. Another thing is that due to its front and back movement it also helps you reduce that stubborn armpit fat, which push-ups also promise to do.

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But here is the catch which makes fly jacks even better than push-ups and i.e. they also work on your sides, glutes, and legs. In push-ups, these muscles are targeted in a very minor way, but with fly jacks, they fall under the major muscle target group due to the movement of your feet.

So it won’t be entirely wrong to call dibs on fly jacks.

Gals! Unfortunately, it looks like another lockdown might hit us soon. So, neither can you go to a gym nor outdoors. And we won’t let your new year’s resolution go in vain. That’s why we recommend you to give fly jacks a shot, and give your transformation an easier way out.

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