Everything You Need To Know About Airlines With Student Discounts

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Being a university student is an odd dichotomy in that you have more time to experience the world but less money to do it. Keeping this in mind, there are numerous airlines with student discounts and/or privileges to encourage such young exploration. These are especially important for students studying abroad. Let’s have a look at a few instances of such systems.


Airlines With Student Discounts



  1. Purchase Your Tickets From A Student Agency.


This is the first step. You already receive student discounts on dining, movies, skiing, and other activities. Why not take advantage of student discounts on travel as well? Student agencies work directly with airlines with student discounts to obtain exceptional savings for college students, which may amount to up to 30% off your travel. What’s even better? Student travel services can help you find hotels and trips of various types. Furthermore, some student agencies always have deals and additional savings at the times of the year when you require flights: back to school, study abroad, spring break, and more.


  1. Begin Looking Early.


When it comes to affordable student foreign flights, the early bird truly does get the worm. Begin looking for flights at least a few months ahead of time, if feasible. Even if you aren’t ready to book yet, you may obtain an estimate of how much your fares will cost. That way, when you see a nice bargain, you’ll be aware of it and prepared to book it. You may also take advantage of discount codes and promotions if you start shopping early. Every month, student agencies have deals and promo codes, so keep a lookout for one that matches your flight.


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  1. Make Use Of The Versatile Search Function.


If your travel dates are variable, such as during spring break or summer vacation, you should certainly utilise the flexible search function to locate airlines with student discounts. When you choose the “Flexible” search instead of the “Exact” search, your search results will include a chart with costs for neighbouring dates. Sometimes leaving or returning a few days early or later might save you hundreds of dollars.


  1. Look For Sales.


Most airlines with student discounts run sales all year, so if you start looking early, you should be able to find a deal to buy your tickets. Black Friday and Cyber Monday, as well as big holidays, are excellent periods to look for deals. You may also begin following your favourite airlines with student discounts and travel firms to be aware of current and forthcoming specials, signing up for emails will have all of the sales brought directly to you, making it even easier to book inexpensive student tickets. Follow on social media as well, sometimes there are flash bargains or freebies published on social media that aren’t mentioned elsewhere.


  1. Instead Of Ordering A Single Round-Trip Ticket, Consider Booking Two One-Way Tickets.


This isn’t always the case, but two one-way flights are occasionally less expensive than a single round-trip flight, especially if you’re ordering a multi-city ticket (for example, if you’re flying out of a different airport than you arrived at). It’s definitely worth a shot if you’re looking for inexpensive tickets! If you’re visiting more than one place on your schedule, you’ll save money in the long run by not having to return to the first city you flew into.


With expenditures like tuition and college textbooks, it’s no surprise that many university students suffer financially. Fortunately, many businesses offer student discounts to help ease the load. Here are airlines with student discounts to help make flying more reasonable.


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Just like public transport services that give cheap travel money options, there are many airlines that offer discounts to university students for their air travel.




Emirates, one of the world’s biggest airlines, is presently offering cheap economy and business class tickets. The lower ticket includes one free date adjustment up to one week before your travel date. It also includes an additional 10 kg of baggage allowance or an extra piece of luggage. To check in, you must have a valid student ID or a letter of admission from your institution.




Lufthansa, Germany’s largest airline, offers its own college student programme. Students travelling from the United States, Thailand, India, China, or Hong Kong may take advantage of GenerationFly’s savings to over 200 locations in 81 countries. All you need is a student email account to get a discount on flights.


Singapore Airlines 


Singapore Airlines, the world’s leading international airline for the past 25 years, provides specific price kinds to KrisFlyer members with confirmed student status. Student benefits include 40 kg of checked luggage and the flexibility to amend your travel arrangements once without penalty.


Pakistan International Airlines (PIA)


Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) gives a 10% discount on its prices to university students. An additional 15% discount is offered for group bookings of at least 10 students. To enjoy these savings, students must go to a PIA counter and provide a valid school ID card or, in the case of recent entrants, an acceptance letter.


Cathay Pacific Airlines


Cathay Pacific is providing students with exceptionally reduced rates to Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and mainland China. Travel to these locations must be booked before December 31st (or October 31 for Australia and New Zealand.)


Student tickets offer an extra checked luggage allowance for select routes. To earn a discount, students must provide a valid International Student Identity Card (ISIC), student number, student visa, or letter of admission.


Turkish Airlines


Students who participate in Turkish Airlines’ Miles&Smiles programme can save up to 20% on domestic tickets and up to 10% on foreign flights. A free 40 kg luggage allowance on some flights and one free change on foreign flights are also available.


Miles accumulated before the end of the year will earn a 25% bonus and a 1,000-mile new membership award. To take advantage of the perks, students must set up their Miles&Smiles account as a student account and give the appropriate information.


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