Experts confirm that Covid-19 can damage your kidneys as well

Individuals with a basic kidney infection have felt the blow of a Covid-19 more, prompting extremely serious sicknesses and at times in any event, bringing about death.

Coronavirus can severely influence kidneys of even those individuals who didn’t have any set of experiences of kidney infections prior. The dangerous infection has caused genuine long haul kidney harm in individuals to the degree that they required dialysis, said a nephrologist. While Covid is known to influence lungs, its harm to different organs like cerebrum, heart and kidney is currently being examined.

“Coronavirus has been causing a great deal of genuine kidney issues even in individuals who were not impacted by any sort of kidney affliction prior. Many individuals impacted by Covid have been giving indications of kidney harm, some so extreme to the degree that they have required dialysis. Practically 30% surprisingly who have experienced Covid disease have had kidney issues. Individuals who had fundamental kidney sickness assuming they had Covid disease, they had extremely serious ailments some of the time bringing about death,” said Dr Samir Tawakley, Sr Consultant-Nephrology at Apollo Hospitals in a FB live meeting.

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Elderly who are over 60 years of age, people with diabetes, with hypertension, those who have heart problems and obese are at a high risk of developing kidney related complications.

The expert says Covid can either cause direct damage to the cells of the kidney, or increase blood clotting that reduces blood flow to kidneys. He adds that reduced oxygen level in blood also has a damaging effect on kidney structure.

Opening up on the symptoms of a person who has kidney disease due to Covid, Dr Tawakley said the person will have reduced urine output, swelling all over the body, shortness of breath, nausea, vomiting, lethargy, restlessness, weakness and in severe cases confusion, coma and seizures.

The expert however says that the Covid infection does not only necessarily cause chronic problems, and can also cause acute kidney injury which in most circumstances in reversible.

Covid-19 and kidney damage
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“Almost 35% more chances of developing a chronic kidney problem are there if you have had a covid infection as compared to the person who did not have a covid infection,” says Dr Tawakley.

The doctor advises to follow all prevention measures like sanitisation, mask and social distancing to ward off risk of getting Covid. He also says that patients who require dialysis should not miss it at any cost.

He also advises kidney patients to get fully vaccinated as that could protect them from serious illness in case of infection.

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