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Fill the Holes in Your Heart With Free Food From Wendy’s All Month

It’s another year, yet that far’s looking really like 2021. Also 2020.

That is certainly not great, and it’s not difficult to feel overpowered with everything at this moment. Be that as it may, Wendy’s is once again at it again this year, with a month loaded with free and limited cheap food—there for you to contemplate what you’re eating.

It’s actually significant that assuming you’re wanting to exploit these gifts by having them conveyed, they aren’t legitimate assuming you request through an outsider application (like DoorDash or Grubhub). This is what’s on offer during the long stretch of January.


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Get a free drink with breakfast

Starting tomorrow (Monday, January 10th), if you purchase any Wendy’s breakfast sandwich, you’ll receive a free drink. Technically, bottled and pre-packed beverages aren’t eligible for this promotion, but anything that is served in a Wendy’s cup is (i.e. Frosty-ccinos, lemonades, soft drinks, etc). This deal is available in restaurants or via the Wendy’s mobile app until February 20th.

Free fries, once a week

From now until February 27th, every week, you can get a free medium order of fries with any purchase when you use the chain restaurant’s app.

Get other types of free food each Friday

Every Friday in January, Wendy’s has other deals that involve purchasing one type of food through their app, and getting a different type of food for free. This month’s menu of freebies is as follows:

  • January 7th: Free spicy chicken sandwich when you purchase a medium order of fries
  • January 14th: Free 10-piece crispy or spicy chicken nuggets when you purchase a medium order of fries
  • January 21st: Receive 200 bonus points when you purchase any lunch or dinner premium combo (FYI: 200 points gets you a free small order of fries in Wendy’s Rewards store)
  • January 28th: Free medium Frosty when you purchase a medium order of fries

Discounted salads and hamburgers

Two more deals for the road, starting with getting $2 off any salad when you order it via the Wendy’s app during the month of January. And finally, Wendy’s premium hamburgers are buy-one-get-one for $1 for the entire month as well. These, too, much be ordered via the app, and the deal can be used once a week.

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