Fix Your Pixel 6’s Networking Issues With This Trick, Hopefully – Review Geek

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Fix Your Pixel 6’s Networking Issues With This Trick, Hopefully – Review Geek

Close-up of the Google Pixel 6 Pro camera bump
Justin Duino

While there’s a lot to love about Google’s new Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, owners are definitely dealing with a few pesky little problems. We expected the big December Pixel drop update to fix several of those, including Pixel 6 network issues, but it appears the update made it worse. And that’s if you got the December Pixel 6 update at all.

Some of those problems include charging issues, weird audio glitches, and some users are facing bad Pixel 6 network connectivity, data speeds, and signal drops.

Google’s already acknowledged several users in Europe are experiencing odd network reception. But, whether you got the December update or not, here’s a potential fix for Pixel 6 signal issues.

Google Pixel 6 lockscreen with At a Glance widget.

According to AndroidPolice, an easy workaround should solve the networking woes. It looks like installing the latest beta of the Google Carrier services app on the Play Store seems to fix the problem. There’s an entire Reddit thread suggesting this works excellent, improves signal, boosts 5G, and makes the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro better.

Oddly enough, some Pixel 6 users reported that they’re already on the beta instead of the regular app, which explains why only some users are experiencing signal issues on the Pixel 6. It’s worth stating that this made things better for many owners, but we’re still seeing plenty of comments that the problem remains.

Basically, this quick update to an app on the Google Play Store could fix your Pixel 6 issues, but you’ll have to try it yourself and see how it goes. If it’s this easy to fix, why hasn’t Google pushed out an update to the carrier services app themselves? We’re not sure, but hopefully, this will help.

In the meantime, Google is investigating the situation and we should know more soon.

via AndroidPolice

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