How does Augmented reality works?

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How does Augmented reality works?

How does Augmented reality works?

With augmented reality, virtual images are superimposed on real world views. It allows you to interact in a brand new way with the physical world. For example, you could superimpose text that would read “tap here to buy beer” onto a table of drinks to get more customers.

The more interactions we have with our environment, the better equipped we are for understanding it. And adapting to any changes that may occur especially those suggested by technology. Before we go deep into how AR works, defining it would be good.

What is Augmented reality?

Augmented reality is a computer generated simulation that enables a user to interact with the real world by adding virtual objects to it.

The more interactions we have with our environment, the better equipped we are for understanding it. And adapting to any changes that may occur especially those suggested by technology.

It is a way in which by using digital elements and advanced technology you can see the real world phenomenon. It’s a new way of showing information and interacting with the real world so it can get more immersive and fun.

What are the potential ways in which this technology could make our lives better?

The introduction of Augmented reality can transform the way we perceive our surroundings. It is a new means of experiencing better reality through real-life interfaces. With the use of camera technologies, the way we interact with our environment is changing.

It is a technological advancement that can allow us to see the same thing but from different angles, and different perspectives. In today’s and future technologies because it makes your world more realistic.

It allows you to interact with the physical objects. In a brand new way through the use of different digital elements like videos and audio recordings.

So, Augmented reality has become a new trend that is now gaining attention. It’s been seen as an answer to how we interact with our surroundings. And it has helped people look at the world differently. It also helps you gain more knowledge on how things work and how they can be used in different ways to improve your life.

If we said this much about what augmented reality is and its benefit, let us get back to our topic.

How does Augmented reality works?

AR works by using a camera to overlay digital images over what the camera is capturing. For it to function effectively and deliver the expected result, it needs to have your use:

Depth-sensing camera: 

The most important component of any AR system is the depth-sensing camera. It is uses to project the images over the real world and check if an object’s depth is within the viewer’s view.

This information will then be using to construct a fully 3D image of that object. The image that has been created might then be displayed on an augmented reality viewer for you to interact with.

Registration tools: 
Registration tools are used to define the precise location of your hands and other objects in the real world. This is particularly important when you want to interact with that object.

If you hold a piece of paper and move them in two different directions, you will notice how these images change and shift as you look at them.

Because these registration tools are relatively accurate, your hands places accurately on top of the object, making it easier for you to interact with it.

Computer vision: 
A computer vision system is an underlying software that needs to be running on your device to perform an augmented reality job. The function of this software is to understand the real world and interpret the vast amount of data it receives from the depth-sensing camera.

It then calculates and analyses what everything in the image means and does. The result will then be sent to a device’s screen for you to see, enabling you to interact with the object visualization.

Output device:

There are two types of output devices in an augmented reality device. The first type is known as the eye tracker. It’s the physical device that you are focusing on and holding.

The other type, on the other hand, is the one that you would use to interact with any virtual object that has been projects over your view.

It is possible to use different output devices in your AR systems such as a smartphone or computer screen. In this way, it will be easier for you to interact with the real-world place where you are standing.

What are types of Augmented reality?

Augmented reality is a method of creating an illusion between the real and the virtual, “augmenting” what one sees by adding digital elements. It has a plethora of types but we will see the main ones:

Marker-based AR: 
Marker-based AR is a type of augmented reality that you can use if you are planning to create something that the camera recognizes and processes. QR code is a common example of this type of AR.

It is a 2D digital code that you can see with your camera and then apply to different objects such as posters and bottles. Therefore, when people look at these products, they can interact with them by scanning the QR code. A new website will open on their mobile device to show more information about the product.

Markerless AR: 
Unlike marker-based AR, markerless AR does not have any physical element attach to it. It is only a virtual object into the real world.

The best example for this one is Interior design applications. Interior design applications use this type of AR technology to show you how a furnish room will look like.

They collect the available dimensions for that room and then insert furniture into it. In the end, you can see how the new furniture will fit in with your existing room designs.

What are some of the ways that Augmented reality is being used today? How is it impacting our daily lives?


Augmented reality helps in education for more than ten years. It allows students to have an interactive experience with a vast amount of educational materials that they might not be able to access otherwise.

When students attend an augmented reality show, they can get a better grasp of the content and understand it in a whole new way.

They will be able to learn more about the materials presents to them in a much more effective way than if they had read about it or watches it at another time.

Travel and tourism: 
Tourism is one of the major industries in the world. The industry involves a lot of people and a lot of money. The industry often focuses on finding out where and how people want to go and then presenting them with the best information about it.

This means that if you are a tourist or frequent traveler, there are many ways that you can benefit from using Augmented reality for your travel plans.

Travel agencies and hotels uses ar for years now to help you decide where you want to go next by using unique Augmented reality programs for business travelers, tourists, and even travelers.

Gaming and entertainment: 
Has always been popular form of entertainment. Augmented reality impacts gaming and entertainment through the use of virtual objects.

In many cases, allows players to interact with their games in much more exciting ways than ever before, creating an exciting experience that is more immersive for the player.

Public safety and security: 
Augmented reality uses public safety and security industry. If you are using a smart city umbrella, then you will be able to see your exact location on the app, and you can identify which direction to go in.

It also shows warnings about what is happening around you, as an alert system that warns citizens when there is something dangerous nearby. This is particularly important if there is an emergency or if the area near where they are locats needs to be evacuat.

What is the difference between augmented reality and virtual reality?

  • Virtual reality is a type of immersive digital environment. It’s a complete computer-generates experience that allows the user to immerse themselves entirely in the digital world.
  • Virtual reality offers an opportunity to create a new digital world that is different from the real one. But it is still just another type of reality. Users will have to adapt themselves to use this technology. And understand it as possible for them to use it effectively and get the most out of their VR experience.
  • Augmented reality is one of the leading technologies in computer vision and machine learning, which means that it uses computer vision and machine learning to help with image recognition. It’s a technology that will recognize digital objects in the environment and then use that information to visualize them.
  • Augmented reality uses computer vision and machine learning to process the environment to digitally improve it. In other words, it can alter what you see by feeding digital information into your view.

This means that you will start seeing digital enhancements in your real world environment. But they won’t be there literally but rather there will be a digital duplicate of the object that is being used for AR purposes.


Augmented reality has become popular in the digital world, but it has also affected our real world. It’s an innovative technology that turns the real world into a digital environment. And creates a new experience for its users.

Augmented reality is used in different ways, such as to teach people new information or make tours more interesting and fun. Although AR is still new, it is changing the way we interact with the digital world and our living environment.

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