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How to Disable Pop-Up Blocker in Safari on iPhone and iPad

By default, Safari on your iPhone and iPad blocks any website pop-ups. If a site requires these tiny windows to function, you can disable Safari’s built-in pop-up blocker. We’ll show you how to do that.

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Why Enable Pop-Ups in Safari on iPhone and iPad?

One major reason to enable pop-ups in Safari is to allow websites, such as your bank’s website, to display pop-up windows they require to operate. On some sites, without these tiny windows, you can’t do what you need to.

Later, when you’ve finished your task, you can re-enable the built-in pop-up blocker, as we’ll explain below.

Turn Off Pop-Up Blocker in Safari on iPhone and iPad

To disable Safari’s pop-up blocker on your iPhone or iPad, first, open the Settings app on your phone. Settings is where many of Safari’s options are located.

Open the Settings app on iPhone.

On the Settings page, scroll down and tap “Safari.”

Tap "Safari" in Settings.

On the “Safari” page that opens, you have various options to configure for your web browser. Here, at the bottom of the “General” section, toggle off the “Block Pop-Ups” option.

Tip: To re-enable the built-in pop-up blocker, simply turn on the “Block Pop-Ups” option again.

Disable "Block Pop-Ups" on the "Safari" page.

Safari’s pop-up blocker is now disabled, and your sites can now launch those small windows while you are browsing in this browser. Enjoy!

Want to disable the pop-up blocker in Chrome on your desktop? If so, it’s equally easy to do that.

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