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A couple of weeks in the past, a video circulated around the internet of an unsuspecting Florida girl getting attacked by a goose in a crowded car parking zone. In accordance with a study from Utah State University, there have been a reported 117 accidents from Canadian geese in the USA from 1990 to 2015. This implies the prospect of you getting attacked by a Canadian goose is low, however by no means zero.

In case you’re a novice in the case of goose assaults, you’ve come to the appropriate place. Right here’s all the things you want to know in the event you ever end up face-to-face with one of many United States’ most typical birds.

When do geese assault?

In accordance with the United States Department of Agriculture, the way in which nesting geese work together with people varies from goose to goose. Some geese will flee the second they’re approached by people, others will put together to assault. Geese who select violence will accomplish that in service of defending their nest, deploying techniques equivalent to approaching the human by operating or flying towards them. It’s not unusual for a nesting goose to aim to chunk its perceived predator.

A standard indication you’ve come throughout an indignant goose is that if they’re spreading their wings and making a loud hissing noise. In accordance with the USDA, suburban and concrete geese usually tend to assault people than their rural counterparts. In case you see a goose nest in a public area, don’t strategy it. As a substitute, name native animal management, and so they’ll substitute the goose nest in a safer location.

Methods to stop a goose assault

In case your prerogative is to maintain geese off of your property, the Ohio Division of Wildlife says the most effective methodology of doing so is, crazily sufficient, chasing the geese. They clarify that, If carried out accurately and on the correct time of 12 months, chasing might be the simplest administration device so that you can use. Chasing makes the geese really feel uncomfortable in your property and when coupled with different harassment methods can have essentially the most bang on your buck.” They advocate you begin chasing in early spring (February or March). It’s best to exit 4 or 5 occasions per day to drive the geese away earlier than they begin nesting.

It’s best to know that if the geese have began nesting, the chasing methodology will yield no outcomes. From April by June, the Ohio Division of Wildlife does not advocate chasing, and as a substitute suggests steering clear. Different strategies of geese removing embrace utilizing lasers, or noise deterrents.

What to do if a goose begins attacking you

In actuality, there isn’t any successful a battle with a goose. If you end up locked in battle, your objective needs to be to reduce injury. Goose assaults aren’t any joke; the Ohio Division of Wildlife has documented goose attack-related accidents together with damaged bones and head accidents. Right here’s what they advocate you do if a goose is making aggressive strikes in the direction of you.

  • Preserve direct eye contact and hold your chest and face pointed on the goose. By no means flip your again or shoulders away from the hostile goose.
  • Calmly and slowly again away, looking forward to obstacles. By no means run from the goose.
  • Preserve a impartial demeanor, i.e., don’t act hostile or present worry.


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