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How to make money on Branded Surveys

In the world of paid online survey sites, there are few better than Branded Surveys. Read our review to find out how much money you can make and earn more points.

What is Branded Surveys?

Branded Surveys (recently known as MintVine) is one of the most outstanding paid study destinations that pay you for your viewpoints. There’s nothing that these overviews can’t be about. From your everyday propensities, to what you think the best eateries are and what TV shows you watch. For each overview you reply, you’ll acquire focuses which can be traded for money and prizes.

The responses you give on Branded Surveys are utilized by the absolute greatest brands to illuminate their navigation. Whether that is what new items to delivery or which segment they ought to target. Dissimilar to other paid review destinations, as Swagbucks and Toluna, Branded Surveys is simply an overview site. It doesn’t offer elective ways of bringing in cash, such as watching recordings or procuring cashback on shopping.

8 ways to earn money on Branded Surveys

Fill out Partner Surveys

If, by some miracle, you manage to exhaust all of the other ways to earn points on Branded Surveys, the Partner Surveys are still waiting for you. These work in much the same way as the regular surveys you’ll find on your Dashboard. However, they’re not hosted on Branded Surveys. Instead, they’re run by the company’s research partners. Anecdotally, the rewards for these surveys aren’t quite as generous as those hosted on Branded Surveys. And if you encounter any issues you’ll need to take it up with the partner company instead.

Rank highly in the leaderboard to earn bonuses

Look in the left sidebar (again, in the ‘Menu’ tab on mobile) and you’ll see a link taking you to the Branded Surveys Leaderboard. This is a ranking of all the members on the site, based on how many points they’ve earned. There are different tables for the daily, weekly and monthly standings. There’s some stiff competition to rank highly. But if you do, there’s a bonus waiting as a reward. Here are the prizes up for grabs, depending on where you finish on a daily, weekly and monthly basis:

    • Daily top 50 – 50 points
    • Weekly top 50 – 200 points
    • Monthly top 20 – 300 points.

Complete the daily polls

Daily polls are arguably the easiest way to earn points on Branded Surveys. They are available to all Branded Survey members. Every day, the site will present you with a new poll at the bottom of your Dashboard. This is a simple multiple-choice question that comes with a reward of five points for completing. They’re not always directly applicable to you, but there’s usually an option to answer with “don’t know” or “not sure”. Branded Surveys recommend you just answer as best you can.

Refer your friends to Branded Surveys

branded survey refer a friend

Sharing is caring and, in the case of Branded Surveys, it’s also rewarding too.

When logged in to Branded Surveys, scroll down to the bottom of any page and see a section marked ‘Invite Friends’ under the header labelled ‘Extra Earning Opportunities’.

Click the “learn more” button to access your referrals hub which includes your unique invitation link.

For every person that signs up through your link and goes on to earn a Silver Branded Elite badge, you’ll receive a bonus of 50 points.

You’ll need to have at least a Bronze badge yourself to receive the points. But there’s no limit to the number of times you can refer people. So the potential to earn here is big.

Reach a higher level in Branded Elite

Think of Branded Elite as being Branded Surveys’ loyalty card scheme. Like most loyalty programmes, there are rewards on offer. But, crucially, the biggest and best bonuses are paid to those in the highest tiers. You’ll need to complete more surveys to climb the ladder. As long as you complete at least two surveys per month, you’ll have a Bronze badge. Once you do, you’ll get a 5% bonus* every time you complete at least 12 surveys a week.

Complete 10 surveys per month and you’ll move up to Silver. Now you’ll get a 10% bonus* for completing at least 12 surveys per week, a 12% bonus* for doing at least 20, and a 14% bonus* for doing 30 or more. Gold is the highest tier. You’ll need to complete 25 surveys per week to get here. You’ll get a 15% bonus* for completing 12 or more surveys per week, a 17% bonus* for doing at least 20, and a massive 19% bonus* when you complete 30 or more surveys in a week.

Branded Elite members also have a chance of winning the Random Winner draw. For every survey you do, you’ll receive one entry into this lottery. The more entries you have, the more opportunities there are to win. The randomly selected winner of the daily draw wins 50 points. The weekly draws pay 500 points. And whoever’s lucky enough to win the monthly Random Winner draw will receive a massive 1,000 points.

Fill out your Profile Surveys

The more active you are on the site, the more it helps Branded Surveys learn what kind of surveys to send you. The quickest and most efficient way to do this is to complete your Profile Surveys. These can be found by clicking ‘My Profile’ (under ‘Preferences’ in the sidebar, or in the ‘Menu’ tab on mobile). Each Profile Survey only contains a small handful of questions (usually less than 10), so they shouldn’t take you much longer than a couple of minutes each. The Extended Profile Survey is the longest of the bunch and has a reward of 50 points, while the others each pay five points.

While this may not seem like a lot, it’s worth remembering that Profile Surveys are much shorter than regular surveys. And they are available to everyone, so there’s no risk of starting and later finding out you’re not eligible.

Complete surveys

As the name suggests, surveys are the main way to make money on Branded Surveys. The surveys available to you will be listed in a couple of different places: in the ‘Survey Spotlight’ on your Branded Surveys Dashboard, or in the regular emails that the site sends you.

You’ll get a lot of these emails. That’s why you may want to consider signing up with an alias email so your main inbox isn’t overwhelmed. However you choose to access your surveys, there should be a good number available to you each day.

You usually can’t see what each survey is about before clicking, but the majority are matched to your profile and the company running the survey. The surveys will have a link to who you are, what you do and what you’re interested in. The longer you’re a member, the more relevant the surveys will become.

How much money can you make from surveys?

Branded Surveys have told us that each survey usually pays 50–500 points. Although, we did have a fair few surveys paying around the 40 mark (or even lower), so there are no guarantees. As we touched on earlier, longer surveys are typically worth more money. But not always.

If you have the choice of completing different surveys but don’t know which one is the best use of time, work out how much each one pays per minute.

two different surveys on branded surveys

In the above image, survey one takes 16 minutes and pays 250 points. Survey two pays 92 points and takes seven minutes. It may seem a little tricky to decide which survey is offering you the best deal. By working out the points per minute (we’ll call it PPM from now on), the choice is a lot simpler.

To calculate the PPM, divide the points on offer by the number of minutes the survey will take. Do this for the surveys pictured above and you’ll find that survey one has a PPM of about 15.6, while survey two has a PPM of just over 13.1. So, of the two surveys on offer, survey one is the most efficient way to earn points.

Since 100 points equals $1 on Branded Surveys, you could also work out an hourly wage for the surveys offered. Survey one has a PPM of 15.6, which works out at 936 points per hour – equivalent to $9.36 an hour. At the time of writing, that was £7.62 an hour, which is more than the National Minimum Wage for those aged 18–20 in the UK. Not bad for answering a few short questions.

Earn 100 points with our signup bonus

screenshot of branded surveys signup page

You’ll of course need an account to earn points on Branded Surveys. But don’t go direct – use our link to get a special 100 point bonus for signing up. Usually, you only get 50 points for creating a Branded Surveys account. It’s exactly the same process so it’s free money!

Branded Surveys review

As is the case with most paid survey sites, people often ask “is Branded Surveys legit?”. An understandable question given it seems like such an easy way to make money. The good news is that Branded Surveys is absolutely legit. As long as you’re eligible for the surveys and complete them properly, you should earn however many points each one promises to pay.

Branded Surveys users praise the site for how often it serves you new surveys to complete, and how quickly payments are processed. However, one issue we found (along with others in the Branded Surveys community) is that you sometimes have to answer a lot of screening questions before completing a survey, only to be told you’re not a match.

This means you won’t earn any points, despite having spent a few minutes answering questions. That said, this criticism could be levelled at any number of survey sites. It’s certainly not unique to Branded Surveys so don’t let this put you off signing up and giving it a go.

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