How to Turn Off Macro Mode and Automatic Switching on iPhone

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How to Turn Off Macro Mode and Automatic Switching on iPhone


The Apple iPhone 13 lineup introduced a camera with Macro mode, but the Camera app tends to automatically jump to Macro mode whenever you get close to a subject. Here’s how to enable Macro Control and disable automatic Macro mode on iPhone.

Update, 12/13/21: With the release of iOS 15.2, iPhones with a camera that supports Macro mode have a new feature found in the Settings app. When enabled (as detailed below), a button will appear in the Camera app that allows you to manually toggle Macro mode on or off.

Why Does the iPhone Camera App Switch to Auto Macro Mode?

Introduced in iOS 15, Apple’s Auto Macro mode furthers the Macro photography chops of the camera on iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max models (and will likely continue to do so on future iPhones). When you are about to take a nice close shot, the iPhone’s Camera app jitters as you move closer to a subject.


The Camera app tries to help you capture more details by activating Auto Macro mode and shifting from a regular wide lens to an ultra-wide lens. Generally, this happens when your iPhone is about 14 cm (5.5 inches) away from a subject. However, you can prevent the camera from switching to the Auto Macro mode automatically.

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How to Enable Macro Control on iPhone

Your iPhone needs to run iOS 15.2 or later to see the option to enable the Macro Control feature and allow you to toggle Macro mode on and off. If you haven’t upgraded yet, check out our guide to updating your iPhone.

To get started, launch the “Settings” app on your iPhone. Use Apple’s built-in Spotlight Search feature if you can’t find the app on your device’s home screen.

Tap on the "Settings" app.

Next, scroll down and select “Camera.”

Select the "Camera" option.

Lastly, toggle on “Macro Control” found at the bottom of the menu.

toggle on the "Macro Control" feature

Now, you can close the Settings app and open the Camera app on your iPhone to test it. Move your iPhone close to a subject, and you’ll notice the camera switch over to Macro mode. When it does so, you’ll also find a new icon in the preview with the image of a flower. When the button is yellow, it means Macro mode is turned on.

Tap the button to disable Macro mode and your iPhone’s camera to switch back to whichever lens you were previously using.

Tap the Macro button to turn off Macro mode

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