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Jason Momoa Seemed To Be On ‘Big Guys’ Holiday’ While Filming Aquaman 2 Ahead Of Split From Lisa Bonet

Fans were possible stunned when the declaration was made that superstar couple Lisa Bonet and Jason Momoa were separating. The two appeared to be in such a steady relationship that even Bonet’s ex Lanny Kravitz was old buddies with Momoa, However, it appears to be the two had been becoming separated in the background as they’re currently heading out in a different direction. As per something like one source, it was basically to a limited extent because of Momoa’s fruitful profession and the voyaging that was required. One may expect that being away recording Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom as of late was along these lines hard for Momoa, however it seems like he lived it up.

An anonymous source, who could conceivably be the very source that guaranteed that Momoa’s bustling timetable prompted the separation, lets People know that there was little sign on the arrangement of the Aquaman continuation that there was anything awry in the entertainer’s very own life. Said source portrayed Momoa’s general mind-set on the arrangement of the film as “cheerful and chilled” and it resembled he was on a “major folks’ vacation kind of thing.” Momoa was clearly spotted making the rounds with companions habitually while shooting was continuing. He additionally went to the debut of No Time To Die with his children.

The implication here is that Jason Momoa seemed to be overall in a good mood, and posting shirtless pictures of himself, despite his relationship coming to an end. The announcement that Momoa and Lisa Bonet were splitting came about a month after filming wrapped on the new Aquaman movie. There’s an assumption that, since relationship problems that lead to splitting up are frequently long term issues, Momoa didn’t seem to be personally troubled while making the movie.

It is, of course, quite possible that the issues in the relationship came to a head only after the movie’s production was done. It’s equally possible that the problem had been going on for so long that Momoa and Bonet had already made decisions about their future at that point, and simply hadn’t informed the public yet.

It’s also possible that Jason Momoa was just keeping his private life private and was good at acting like everything in his world was fine when it actually was not. The man is a professional actor after all and with his skills being in fairly high demand right now, he’s clearly seen as a pretty good one.

The ending of a relationship is never easy, especially one that’s been going on for years, where the couple have kids, but one can only hope that the two will move on and ultimately be happier than they would have been otherwise.

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