Kadir Has University Scholarship in Turkey 2022 for transnational researchers in Bachelor Degree Program, Master Degree Program and Post Doctoral certification Program. There are as of now Scholars in Turkey. No IELTS/TOEFL is Demanded. Kadir University is situated in Istanbul a wonderful Place. Essential and Secondary schooling is Free in Turkey and presently Turkey is giving Completely Funded Turkey Scholarship for various times. Turkey is the substitute country on the planet in admittance to high level training with 94.2 preparation rate. The Fastest Growing country is Turkey presently.

All the more then 200 colleges in Turkey are state funded colleges and ran by the Government of Turkey. Among them, 9 colleges positioned on top of the QS list. Each transnational understudy training activity is checked for KHAS scholastic Program in Kadir University Scholarship Opportunity. KHAS International Trade and Finance Department Has Been Combined with the CFA Institute. Kadir has a college is likewise Offering Erasmus Mundus Scholarship and Exchange Scholarship event for All Nation holders having Any Background in Academia.

Would you like to join Kadir Has University? The institution grants a plethora of openings for its scholars in cooperation with distinguished universities. Its premises include a variety of installations like a cafeteria, laboratory, hotel, library, study, and sports spaces. However, your study position will be the main Cibali Lot, If you’re a full- time transnational pupil coming to study in one of Kadir undergraduate programs or in a graduate program. All the details about the Kadir Has University Scholarship in Turkey are as follows.

Kadir Has University Scholarship in Turkey Details

  • University or Organization Kadir Has University
  • Course Level Undergraduate, Master, and PhD
  • Nationality Any
  • Deadline Different

Education Benefits

  • Kadir Has University Scholarship in Turkey has an expansive education program to support well-good transnational scholars in their studies at KHAS.
  • 25 to 100 education disclaimer scholarships are available for undergraduate studies.
  • 25, 50 and 100 education disclaimer scholarships are available for Masters (with thesis) and PhD programs.
  • No separate education operation
  • Education reduction scholarships are awarded grounded on academic merit.
  • Education reduction scholarships are subject to maintaining a min. of 1.8 GPA at the end of each academic time.
  • Full Education occasion is veritably limited

Criteria of Selection

  • Foreign scholars who are moreover high academy graduates or are studying their last time in high academy can apply
  • Natural-born citizens of the Republic of Turkey
  • Scholars with binary nation (Turkish or TRNC) who acquired, not inherited their Turkish/ TRNC citizenship (Those with binary nation, who were natural-born citizens of a foreign country but latterly acquired the citizenship of the Republic of Turkey)
  • Turkish or TRNC citizenships and who started their middle academy education abroad before01/02/2013 and completed the last three times of their high academy education abroad
  • Turkish or TRNC citizenships and who started their middle academy education abroad after01/02/2013 and completed their entire high academy education abroad
  • Citizens of TRNC who have completed their entire high academy in TRNC and have GCE A/ L results.

Needed Documents

  • Copy of the undergraduate or graduate transcript.
  • Two reference letters
  • CV How to make professional CV?
  • Paraphrase showing all courses taken.
  • English Proficiency Test
  • Turkish Proficiency Test results
  • Still, please upload a dupe of your public ID, If you do n’t have a valid transnational passport at the time of operation.
  • Statement of Purpose

List of Courses

The innards of Kadir Has University’s Cibali lot measures over square measures (the size of roughly 4 soccer fields). List of Courses are below

Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences
  • Bsc. in Computer Engineering
  • Bsc. in Bioinformatics and Genetics
  • Bsc. in Electrical – Electronics Engineering
  • Bsc. in Energy Systems Engineering
  • Bsc. in Industrial Engineering
  • Bsc. in Information Technologies
  • Bsc. in Management Information Systems
Faculty of Communication
  • BA in Advertising
  • BA in Public Relations and Information
  • Bsc. in Communication Design
  • BA in New Media
  • BA in Radio, Television and Cinema
Faculty of Art and Design
  • Bsc. in Architecture
  • Bsc. in Graphic Design
  • Bsc. in Industrial Design
  • Bsc. in Interior Architecture and Environmental Design
Faculty of Economics Administrative and Social Sciences
  • BA. in American Culture and Literature
  • BA. in Business Administration
  • BA. in Economics
  • BA. in International Relations
  • BA. in International Trade and Finance
  • BA. in Political Science and Public Administration
  • Bsc. . in Psychology

How To Apply For Kadir Scholarship in Turkey

The application process is online. Presently, there’s no application figure. To apply please visit the sanctioned link.

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