Norwegian Scholarships in 2022 for International Students

The applications for affirmations on Norway grants with no IELTS prerequisites for the admission meeting of 2022-2023 are right now open. Intrigued candidates enlisted inside the BS, MS, and Ph.D. projects can present their applications inside the development once they submit to the qualification standards.

Norway might be a little country with many remarkable yet esteemed colleges and establishments offering supported grants, different degree projects, and quality instruction at reasonable charges to worldwide and homegrown understudies.
Notwithstanding, the charming element is that candidates can apply for the completely supported Norway grant plans presented by the Norwegian government in association with unfamiliar associations and colleges without submitting IELTS scores. Indeed, there are no obligatory prerequisites for IELTS, as competitors additionally can submit TOEFL, DET, or PTE test scores to fulfill the principles. In any case, numerous other Norway grants even welcome no language tests to measure the capability of candidates.

High North Fellowship Program:

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has proclaimed the very admired High North Fellowship Program for the gifted and bright students of Canada, Japan, South Korea , Russia, & the USA enrolled within the BS, MS, or Ph.D. programs. Selected applicants will get an opportunity to finish their education within the reputable universities of North Norway. Meanwhile, fellowship winners also will receive monthly stipends of NOK 9 440, travel grants, and coverage of living and housing costs.
For eligibility requirements, applicants must be enrolled within the accredited institution of their homeland and recommended to the Norway universities for the fellowship program by the homeland institute. Additionally, candidates will need to stay here for four months minimum to abide by their wants.

 Norwegian Quota Scholarship Scheme:

The Norwegian Quota Scholarship Scheme may be a plan initiated by the Norwegian government to support the international students doing Graduate and Postgraduate programs. The BS degree students (enrolled in specific courses) also can apply for this scholarship. However, candidates from Latin America, Asia (Central), Africa European (developing) are eligible for this scholarship.
On the opposite hand, the Norwegian Quota Scholarship also provides a study grant of 40% and a study loan of 60%. However, candidates don’t need to worry about the study loan because it will get waived off once the scholars return to their homelands after completing the course of study  Also, the applied candidates must have two years of study experience in their home countries, plus their institution must have a partnership with the Norwegian institute offering the quota scholarship.

 Norwegian Russian Scholarships:

The HK-Dir, also referred to as the Norwegian Directorate for Education and Skills, has announced around 30 scholarships schemes for the Russian students who wish to review in Norway for one or a maximum of two semesters. Scholarship winners will enjoy several valuable benefits, including a full tuition fee waiver, a monthly grant of 11450 Norwegian kroner, and accommodation (no rent included). However, candidates must meet the language and academic requirements of the chosen university.

Marie Sklodowska Curie Individual Fellowships:

The noble Arctic University in Norway has opened the very reputable Marie Sklodowska Curie Individual Fellowship for overseas postgraduate students in partnership with the ecu Commission. The winners of this communion will get a monthly grant, scholarship plunders, family allowance, mobility grant, etc. However, applicants are sure to meet the language criteria of Arctic University.

Tuition Fees at the Norway Universities:

The good thing about studying in Norway is that the majority of the Norwegian public universities don’t charge one penny in the name of tuition fees from overseas students. In this way, most of the financial burden gets removed, while the remainder of the financial expenses covers under the scholarship schemes.

English Language Requirement at Norway Universities for Admissions

The instruction language here in Norway is Norwegian and English. Hence, applicants need to be proficient in anybody language. Candidates who belong to English native countries don’t get to show IELTS or TOEFL scores. However, non-natives can submit any of the above test scores to satisfy their wants.

IELTS Requirement at Norway Universities: Optional
Can we study in Norway Without IELTS?

Interested applicants who wish to review in Norway but worry about the IELTS must read this section. Applicants can acquiesce to their engraved language expertise certificates from their preceding universities. Moreover, students from English medium institutes are free from any IELTS requirements.
Otherwise, candidates will need to undergo a skype or online interview to point out their language proficiency.

List of the Funded Norway Scholarships for International Students:

  • 1. University of Oslo Scholarships
  • 2. Norwegian University of Science and Technology Scholarships
  • 3. BI Norwegian graduate school Scholarships
  • 4. NORAM Scholarships
  • 5. High North Fellowship Program
  • 6. Norwegian Quota Scholarship Scheme
  • 7. Norwegian Russian Scholarships
  • 8. Marie Sklodowska Curie Individual Fellowships
  • 9. International school term Scholarships

Let’s discuss each of the scholarships offered in Norway Universities intimately.

University of Oslo Scholarships:

The University of Oslo is one of the prominent names in Norway, offering Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D. courses for local and international students. Unluckily, the University of Oslo doesn’t give any scholarships for the above degree programs. However, students enrolled within the Exchange program can apply for the Erasmus+ and Nordplus/Nordlys and avail multiple benefits with scholarship rewards, awards, and grants. The academic requirement for Erasmus+ and Nordplus/Nordlys scholarships is TOEFL scores as an alternate to IELTS.
Acceptance Rate of University of Oslo: 10%
Admission Application Fee of University of Oslo: $75

Norwegian University of Science and Technology Scholarships:

The next is that the Norwegian University of Science and Technology also referred to as the NTNU, offofferssters, Ph.D. scholarships, and Exchange programs. Interested candidates can apply for the Erasmus Mundus Scholarships, NORPART MA Scholarships, and Anglo-Norse Society Scholarship Schemes. The winner of such scholarships will get scholarship plunders, living outlays coverage, and other congratulating aids. Moreover, candidates are sure to submit the TOEFL scores for the NTNU language criteria.
Acceptance Ratio of Norwegian University of Science and Technology: 39%
Admission Application dues of Norwegian University of Science and Technology: No Fee

BI Norwegian graduate school Scholarships:

The BI Norwegian graduate school may be famous in Norway, offering funded scholarships to overseas and domestic applicants enrolled in the Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D. programs. Applicants will receive many valuable benefits, sort of scholarship reward of up to NOK 250,000, a full tuition fee waiver, living expenses, etc. Candidates, however, are requested to submit GRE, GMAT, and TOEFL scores to abide by the BI Norwegian graduate school requirements.
Scholarships offered by the BI Norwegian graduate school are; BI presidential scholarships, Bachelor International Scholarship, Women in Finance, Tech Bachelor Scholarship, A. Wilhelmsen Foundation Scholarship, etc.
Acceptance Ratio of BI Norwegian Business School: 22%
Admission Application Fee of BI Norwegian Business School: NOK 9,800 (BS), NOK 12,500 (MS)

 NORAM Scholarships:

The Norway-American Association has started this program called NorAm scholarships, especially for the American students to assist them in every possible way during their educational journey in Norway. Almost ten scholarships are given to the deserving students with a scholarship reward to support their research projects, stay duration in Norway, and objectives.
However, students who want to pursue full-time graduate studies in Norway or want to try to do research or Ph.D. programs in Norway are qualified for the Noram scholarships. Moreover, there are not any particular requirements for IELTS scores.

 International school term Scholarships:

The University of Oslo, located in Norway, has announced the International school term Scholarship for overseas students who want to be a neighborhood of their undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate summer sessions. Students from EU/EEA countries, Africa, Asia, South & Central America, Soviet Union States, and Oceania, are eligible for this scholarship.
Moreover, scholarship winners will receive funding coverage, including textbooks, tuition fees, flight tickets, and travel expenses. On the opposite hand, students can submit the TOEFL scores as an alternate to IELTS to abide by the wants.

Academic Funding Provided by the Norway Scholarships:

Students getting to apply for the Norway Scholarships must prepare to enjoy the subsequent perks:

  • • Health Coverage of student
  • • Free Travel Tickets/ Transport Expenses
  • • Study Material/ Textbooks/ Thesis and Dissertation Printing costs.
  • • Tuition Fee waivers (partial/full)
  • • Monthly allowance
  • • Living costs disbursement
  • • Accommodation subsidy
  • • Family allowance provision
  • • Mobility grants in some cases
  • • Conference participation fees

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