Tesla Halts Model S and X Orders In Select Regions – Review Geek

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Tesla Halts Model S and X Orders In Select Regions – Review Geek

2021 Tesla Model 3

This week Tesla announced that it has stopped taking new orders for the refreshed Model S and Model X outside North America in an effort to catch up on existing orders. The company temporarily halted Model S and X production in January of last year for the refresh, yet kept taking orders which now has them a bit behind.

Unfortunately, this is both good and bad news for buyers interested in Tesla’s latest vehicles. While this means potential buyers can’t order a car in select regions like Europe, for the time being, it does mean those who’ve already ordered can start getting excited about their delivery.

During an email to customers, Tesla disclosed that deliveries in markets outside North America will begin in the second half of 2022.

According to Electrek, buyers in Germany received an email, and here’s part of the communications.

“In order to expedite the delivery of existing orders, including your Model X order, as much as possible, we are currently no longer accepting new orders for the Model S and Model X from markets outside of North America.” Then, further on in the email said, “your Model X is getting closer to delivery. We currently expect shipments outside of North America to begin in the second half of 2022.”

As of today, Tesla hasn’t shipped new Model S or Model X vehicles in over a year but expects that to change and get back on track early next year.

Essentially, Tesla must deal with a large backlog of orders and is doing everything possible to catch up. That said, we’re not sure how halting the order process will get the factory moving quicker, but this could simply be a way to prevent new customers from reserving a vehicle and having a long wait before fulfillment.

via Electrek

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