The Best Chrome Extensions of 2021, According to Google – Review Geek

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The Best Chrome Extensions of 2021, According to Google – Review Geek

Google's best Chrome extensions of 2021 banner.

Ready to improve your browsing experience? Google just published its favorite Chrome extensions of 2021, including some extensions dedicated to productivity, shopping, and education. Whether you’re working at an office or chilling at home, these are the Chrome extensions worth trying.

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Google’s Favorite Chrome Extensions of 2021

A collection of Google's favorite chrome extensions.

Here is the full list of Google’s favorite Chrome extensions. Most of these extensions focus on improving productivity or expanding your arsenal of learning tools, though others are dedicated to the core browsing experience and some everyday tasks.

  • Communicate and collaborate
    • Loom: Capture and share video with others.
    • Mote: Give quick feedback to others with voice notes and transcripts.
    • Wordtune: Automatically catches typos and other mistakes while you type.
  • Stay Productive
  • Learn Virtually
    • Kami: An interactive space for students and teachers.
    • InsertLearning: A note-taking app that integrates with Google Classroom.
    • Toucan: An immersive and fun way to learn a new language.
    • Rememberry: Organizes vocab words into flashcards for quick studying.
  • Make (and save) some change
    • Stylus: Build and install custom themes for sites.
    • Rakuten: Get automatic coupons and rebates when shopping online.

Want to install all of Google’s favorite Chrome extensions? Visit the Chrome Web Store’s new Favorite of 2021 page and deck out your browser with the best extensions of 2021!

Source: Google

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