The Most Fascinating Ideas for Gambling Tattoos

Betting is joined by the happiness of wins and wealth. While it is a type of adrenaline race to some, a few players look for it as a break from the real world, depending on their predetermination to win the cash they get back. Since betting is such a lot of a cherished and beneficial game, why not draw out the enthusiasm as tattoos. Tattoos are frequently viewed as an imagery of changelessness that a wearer conveys all through life.

A few devotees of genuine administrators fans wear the tattoo to uncover that they love facing challenges, which are for the most part kept away from, both in the game just as in day to day existence. Betting tattoos may likewise be a carrier of karma from where the players look for their motivation at the hour of misfortune. It is likewise conceivable that it can engage Lady Luck to acquire flourishing work, family, and connections. A few betting tattoos additionally serve to tell the stories of the obscurity of betting, which at one second can be a shelter and blight in the other.

Fascinating Gambling Tattoo Ideas

Gambling tattoos are indeed fascinating, and come in various patterns, according to the preference of the people who inscribe it on their bodies. But, it can be confirmed that each of the tattoos is focused on displaying passion, love, and the importance of the game in their lives. Here are some of the most interesting picks of gambling tattoo art.

The Royal Dice

These types of tattoos carry with them the classic casino dice pattern as the main focus. Usually worn on forearms, these tattoos can also carry patterns of money roses, and important poker cards such as J, Q, K, and A. The Ace of Spades(A) is regarded as a symbolism of good luck, and death, which is much in vogue since the Vietnam War, where ‘A’ was printed on the helmets of the soldiers to instigate their opponents.

The dice in gambling reveal the involvement of risk in the game and an unforeseen future, while money rose depicts passion and wealth. Most people wear royal dice tattoos with extensive dark shading, but bright colours such as red can also look appealing.

Joker Tattoo Designs

In general, joker tattoo patterns are associated with the symbolism of good fortune or deceit. Known as the ‘wild card’ of the poker game, this tattoo pattern is also meant to evoke fear towards its opponents, who might not be expecting a turn of ideas. The ace of spades might also be added to the main figure of the risky joker. Casino wheels, burning cards can also heighten the mysterious impact of the tattoo.

Lady Luck Tattoo Designs

Usually, Lady-Luck tattoo bearers reveal their intense love for the game and industry. Lady Luck also symbolizes lust, fantasy, and beauty. Very often these tattoos bear a beautiful woman, accompanied by a roulette wheel, money roses, flames, or ace of spades. The roulette reveals to be the rolling wheel of fortune, whale flames echo the desire.

Sometimes Lady Luck is also masked, revealing the duality of her actions. The concept of the Lady-Luck tattoos is taken from Roman mythology, where the people worshipped Fortuna, ‘the goddess of good harvest and journey’.

Seven ‘7’ Number Tattoo Designs

In the gambling world, ‘7’ is regarded as the ‘magic number’. It is believed that the wearer carries with them the fate of maximum wins. The number ‘7’  is known as the symbolism for wisdom, growth, development, intelligence, spirituality. These tattoos can also be represented as ‘777’, accompanied with roulette wheels, money, etc.

The Las Vegas Tattoo Designs

Las Vegas is indeed the abode to gambling, and players know the significance well. Usually, wearers prefer additional symbols such as ‘welcome’, ‘Nevada’, ‘paradise’ to pay homage to Sin City, which welcomes millions of players each year. Roulette Wheels, with ‘classic gambling sections’, such as ‘Lucky 15’, ‘777’ can also be depicted.

Designers also improvise and add up several other important gambling world details, such as Jack Daniel’s whiskey bottle, unorthodox cards like 3 of hearts, 8 of diamonds, etc. Alcohol appears as a symbolism of the chilling experience. Sometimes wild animals such as tigers are also engraved to symbolize power and passion.


There is no doubt that tattoo enthusiasts and gamblers live their life at the expense of risks, and mingling both reveals the intense passion being carried on their bodies. Tattoos of gambling have been in vogue among celebrities since time immemorial, with crazier designs taking up every day.

The earliest tattoos were simplistic imprints of skulls, money, or ace of spades, roulette wheel, etc. Recently, gambling lovers take up innovative ideas to express themselves to the fullest, with extensive shading, colours, etc. keeping the vintage ideas intact.

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