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The Tesla Cybertruck Is Getting Uglier – Review Geek

Drone footage of the Tesla Cybertruck's latest revision.
Sawyer Merritt, Chile Al100

Whether you like the Cybertruck design or not, you’re about to like it a whole lot less. New drone footage shows the latest revision of Tesla’s Cybertruck on a test track in California, equipped with a cartoonishly large wiper blade and two mousey little side-view mirrors.

You know that episode of The Simpsons where Homer designs a car, ignoring the cries of experienced engineers who catch his every mistake? I imagine that something similar happened when Tesla designed the Cybertruck.

In its original state, the polygonal monster broke some of the most basic road laws ever drafted by man—there were no side mirrors, the headlight was too bright, and as EU regulators pointed out, the car’s hood and bumper were perfect for mowing down pedestrians.

Most automakers design their cars to accommodate these laws, and as a result, “safety” features like headlights, mirrors, and wipers become a part of the overall design. But the Cybertruck’s enormous windshield wasn’t meant to have wipers. Its angular shape wasn’t meant to have two mirrors poking out like Mickey Mouse ears.

A normal company would admit its mistake, go back to the drawing table, and come up with something sensible. But Tesla is sticking to its guns. It isn’t molding the Cybertruck into something more street-legal; it’s just adding parts to the poor car without much care for the end result.

Well, maybe I’m being a bit too harsh. Elon Musk says there is “no easy solution” to the Cybertruck’s Shamu-sized windshield wiper, so the man is clearly disappointed by its addition. And as Musk has repeated several times, “owners are allowed to modify their cars” and remove the side-view mirrors if they wish. You should absolutely ignore his advice, by the way.

Source: The Verge

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