You Can Stream Marvel’s Eternals on Disney Plus Early Next Month – Review Geek

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You Can Stream Marvel’s Eternals on Disney Plus Early Next Month – Review Geek

Disney Plus Streaming

Marvel’s latest big-hitting comic film arrived in theaters back in November, but today the company announced you’ll be able to enjoy it from the comfort of your own home on January 12th. So yes, you’ll be able to stream Marvel’s Eternals on Disney Plus early next month.

With so much hype around the film’s storyline, characters, and what’s coming next, fans are eagerly awaiting its arrival. If you didn’t see it in theaters, for obvious reasons as of late, January 12th would be the day to mark on the calendars.

Many fans were hopeful that the MCU would take a similar approach as it did with Black Widow, which was available to stream the same day it hit theaters, but that wasn’t the case. Instead, with a film this big, it appears they decided to stick with at least some sort of short theatrical exclusive window before opening it up for streamers.

Eternals is the latest in a string of films coming out far sooner than ever expected. Rather than waiting months on end to see a new movie outside of theaters, fans will get a chance in a few weeks. As a comparison, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings came out roughly 70 days after it hit theaters, and now we’re seeing something similar with Eternals.

It’s worth noting that the Hawkeye miniseries wraps up in December, so it makes sense that Disney Plus would move up Eternals to keep fans from canceling their subscription. Either way, get the popcorn ready, and don’t forget to watch all the old films to refresh your memory.

via The Verge

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