Your Roku Device Isn’t Losing YouTube After All

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Your Roku Device Isn’t Losing YouTube After All

Roku and YouTube logos

Google and Roku haven’t been on the same page lately. Google removed YouTube TV from Roku devices, and it was close to removing YouTube. Thankfully, the two companies have agreed to a long-term deal that’ll keep YouTube on Roku’s platform and bring YouTube TV back.

“Roku and Google have agreed to a multi-year extension for both YouTube and YouTube TV,” a Roku spokesperson said to Axios.

The deal was set to expire on December 9, 2021. If the companies didn’t agree on a deal before then, Google would remove YouTube from the Roku store, preventing new users from downloading the incredibly popular streaming application.

While existing users would keep the app, anyone who did a factory reset on their device or new users would miss out on the YouTube app. Thankfully, that won’t be the case since the two companies have managed to agree.

It’s not clear what the deal’s terms were, but it sounds like both companies are happy with the agreement. A Roku spokesperson said, “This agreement represents a positive development for our shared customers, making both YouTube and YouTube TV available for all streamers on the Roku platform.”

Not only will Roku users be able to continue to download and use the YouTube app, but the missing YouTube TV app will return to the store, giving Roku users the whole YouTube experience.

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